Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 11, 2008)


This has been a tough week for queer women in reality television. Ami Cusack was the eighth contestant booted from from the CBS hit Survivor: Micronesia.

Ami Cusack

In an interview with, Cusack speculated as to why she was voted off:

Reality TV World: I’m assuming that as a Favorite you had to be anticipating a merge, so why do you think Ozzy, Amanda and Cirie thought you would be less trustworthy than Erik once the two tribes came together?
Ami Cusack: I don’t think it was Amanda and Cirie and Ozzy.  I think it was just Ozzy — and I think he was just worried about my past history with bringing the women together [in Vanuatu].  Had he kept me and left Erik to the sharks, he would have been with three women and with my past that wouldn’t have been a good place for him to sit.

Ami Cusack and Survivor host Jeff Probst

Before you get too excited about Cusack talking more about "bringing the women together," be warned that she spends much of the interview raving about how Ozzy is "frickin’ hot" and "a frickin’ stud."

But Cusack does talk about blowing out her knee in a challenge and handling it in a stereotypically lesbionic manner. She tells, "Yeah, I just wrapped it up with a T-shirt and a buff and went on my way. I figured the damage was already done."

In related buzz-kill news, out lesbian contestant Zoi Antonitsas packed up her knives and went home this week on Bravo’s Top Chef.

Zoi Antonitsas

Zoi’s team failed to impress the judges this week, and Zoi, the creator of the unforgivably bland mushrooms in the dish, was shipped back to her home kitchen in San Francisco. Her girlfriend and fellow contestant, Jennifer Biesty, was none too happy about Zoi’s elimination and kicked a chair in protest. Sadly, no one was sitting in it at the time. You can listen to’s exit interview with Zoi here.

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