Best. Lesbian. Summer. Ever.


Finding yourself longing for the days when you got the entire summer off and not just July 4th and Labor Day? Don’t get ahead of yourself: Those teen years had their low points too. And if you don’t remember the harsh realities of not being able to buy your own wine coolers, drive your own car, or find a girlfriend who would actually commit to being gay, French coming-of-age film Clara’s Summer (2001) exists to remind you.

In the film, Clara gets sent to summer camp where she intends to divest herself of her virginity tout de suite. Ditto her best friend, Zoe. Except Zoe thinks she might like to lose it with Clara — who demurs. Spurned, Zoe takes up with a boy and leaves Clara alone — that is until the exotic Sonia arrives. Clara is quickly enamored with Sonia, whom everyone thinks is a lesbian. In order to avoid guilt by association, Clara runs for the hills (or, in this case, the first available male). Less than dazzled by her first (hetero)sexual encounter, Clara rethinks her positions on both Sonia and Zoe.

No, Clara’s Summer doesn’t exactly join the pantheon of great summer-camp movies (Meatballs, Wet Hot American Summer, Little Darlings, Friday the 13th), but it’s a rare lesbian installment in that grand tradition. And Clara and company are adorable.

Check out the trailer below, or, better yet, read bad machine’s recap.

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Since 1976, women have been flocking to a parcel of land in rural Michigan to camp, go to concerts and pick up chicks. Yep, I’m talking about the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. I confess that I have never attended the Woodstock for Womyn (cue announcer, "Don’t eat the brown acid rice!"), and this is just one more lesbian rite of passage that I need to add to my to-do list (along with getting a tattoo, buying a motorcycle and declaring personal bankruptcy). But that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend it.

Check out the performance lineup for this year’s fest (Aug. 7-12): Staceyann Chin, Erin McKeown, God-des and She, Sarah Bettens, Hanifah Walidah, Melissa Ferrick, Catie Curtis, Laura Love, Karen Williams, Vickie Shaw, Sabrina Matthews and emcee Elvira Kurt. And that’s not even the complete list of performers, nor does it include all of the workshops, parties, dances or films at your fingertips in the great wilds of Michigan this summer.

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