Best. Lesbian. Summer. Ever.


Who says you can’t capture the debauchery magic of gay pride on celluloid? The glee, insanity, indulgence and even the requisite Dykes on Bikes drive-by are all portrayed beautifully in the "Loud and Proud" episode in Season 2 of The L Word.

In "Loud and Proud," you’ll see our L.A. ladies trying to win the love of a homophobic parent (Bette, with an assist by Tina), playing master and servant (literally, as with Dana and Alice, aka "Camille"), doing a "good" deed (Shane gives voyeur roommate Mark a get-out-of-the-house-without-us-whipping-your-ass free card), experiencing an expert flogging (seven stations of the cross, anyone?) and featuring a daring new outfit (Alice prancing around in the now infamous terry-cloth uniboober get-up).

Check out the enhanced version of this episode, aka Scribe Grrrl’s recap, here. Or watch this clip, in which Dana (R.I.P.) explains in exacting detail the real meaning of gay pride to her little brother Howie.

UV Index: 9

The most summerrific South of Nowhere episode of all time (er, to date) has to be Season 1′s "Girl’s Guide to Dating," in which Spashley cut school to spend the day at the beach. In it, Ashley shows up Romeo-style outside of Spencer’s window one morning before school, and before you can say "truancy" the two are high-tailing it to the beach for some fun in the sun.

The girls waste time with some dumb guys who think lesbianism is "hot," and they even get into a rollicking fight with each other. But of course they make up, and along the way Spencer admits for the first time (in her out-loud voice) that she thinks that she might, you know, like girls. Like like girls. Eek!

So leave behind your jaded complaints about the PDA-lessness of Season 2 and take a little trip down memory lane to a simpler time, before Ashley got confused about her feelings for Aiden and when Spencer still thought that the labrys was the badge symbol for a renegade sect of the Girl Scouts. (Come to think of it, maybe it is!)

South of Nowhere Season 3 starts during the dog days of this summer on Aug. 10. That’s when we’ll all get to find out who got shot, whether or not PFLAG has kidnapped and reprogrammed Paula, and if Spencer has finally broken down and joined the girls’ softball team.

UV Index: 7.5

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