Best. Lesbian. Summer. Ever.


Something tells me that the 2004 film My Summer of Love wasn’t exactly the sort of carefree "summer fling" that k.d. lang was waxing poetic about in Invincible Summer. This film is more like a road trip with a detour through crazy lesbian drama town.

When Mona (Nathalie Press), a bored, working-class teenager who lives with her former drunken-brawling and now born-again older brother, meets Tamsin (Emily Blunt), it’s almost like a scene from a fairy tale. Rich girl Tamsin actually rides up to Mona on a white steed, tosses her long brown hair around and eyes her like an androgynous, lost little princess who requires rescuing. Or corrupting. Needless to say, Mona is hooked.

It’s not long before the two are inseparable, smoking cigarettes, tossing back the booze and eventually making out all over Tamsin’s blissfully parent-free estate. Too good to be true? You betcha. Tamsin has more than a few skeletons in her family closet, and Mona’s brother’s dalliance with redemption has an obvious expiration date.

I’ve been told that My Summer of Love ranks right up there with High Art — which I also loved — as one of those feel-bad lesbian movies that is likely to be passed over in favor of more sugary fare (e.g. Better Than Chocolate, The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love). But here are my talking points in favor of this particular piece of good, angsty cinema: Emily Blunt, strong acting by both the leads and the supporting cast, Emily Blunt, a smart script, a satisfying ending and Emily Blunt.

And it works as an educational tool as well. Watch this film and learn that if the girl of your dreams tells you that her hero is a woman who killed her lover with a fork and got away with it, you should probably put your clothes on. And then go home.

Here’s a clip from the film:

UV Index: 8

Curl Girls is nothing like those surfer chick movies of the 1960s (unless they actually made Gidget Goes to Santa Cruz and Has a Lesbian Affair but just didn’t release it). If anything, it probably has more in common with Blue Crush, but instead of just one butchy chick stomping around bragging about her surfing prowess, there are several.

Following the highs, lows and utter wipeouts of a group of surfer buddies who just happen to be lesbian and bisexual, this reality show from Logo (’s parent company) is thick with lesbian intrigue, tattoos, competition (friendly and otherwise) and ill-fated romance.

Whether it’s Melissa and Jessica arguing over why they should stay together (or maybe it’s why they shouldn’t stay together — it really just depends on the episode), Gingi defending her bisexuality, Vanessa adjusting her tube socks, or Erin and Michele suppressing grimaces/snorts/eye rolls at the follies of their surf pals, Curl Girls will either make you want to learn to surf or, if you already know how to surf, make you want to find out where the Curl Girls catch their waves and immediately find yourself a different location.

And sometimes — for brief moments — it will even remind you of the particular importance of friendships to us lesbians.

Check out bad machine’s recaps of the show for another take. Something about them brings to mind that old U2 song "Even Better Than the Real Thing," but I can’t for the life of me figure out what. Or enjoy these heartwarming moments of sudsy drama as they unfold below.

Episode 2 Confessional Video:

UV Index: 6.5 (unless Gingi’s hanging ten; then I’d bounce it up to an 8)

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