Best. Lesbian. Holiday. Ever.

It’s a common problem for the modern lesbian: What to wear? Women’s clothes are often too girlie for some of our tastes, and the cool-looking guys’ clothes hang off us or don’t fit our bodies. So yes, we make do.

The good news is that androgynous clothes were the hottest trends on the catwalks this fall and winter. Highfalutin designers like Balenciaga and Karl Lagerfeld featured blazers, skinny ties and other androgynous items prominently in their latest designs for women, and, as we all learned from Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, the good stuff has a way of trickling down to the racks in a mall near you.

As we await the fashion fallout, we can work with what we’ve got, like the groovy western shirts, arty belts and even skinny punk-rock suspenders from the men’s department at Urban Outfitters, or the stylish hats at Volcom — they’re not just for skate rats anymore.

For the FTMs, tomboys and drag kings in your life, the good people at have an impressive line of breast-binders. Yes, it’s a unique gift, and one that might come in handy when you’re trying to make those men’s shirts fit just right.

Dykes in the City is an apparel line by and for lesbians that offers an assortment of hats, hoodies and tuxedo shirts for both butch and femme tastes. They even have fashions shows! (Check out their website for more info.)

Vans never go out of style, and if you want to impress the rocker in your life, get them these limited edition Iron Maiden slip ons. (No word yet when The Runaways will be immortalized in a shoe design, but we’ll keep you posted).

Any self-respecting straight girl sidekick will tell you that Nordstrom is a Mecca of sorts for women’s footwear (and their annual shoe sale is the stuff of legends). But this doesn’t mean that lesbians aren’t invited to the party. Their website features pages and pages and pages of boot designs, and you can even sort them by their features, such as lesbian favorites like belts and buckles!

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