Best. Lesbian. Halloween. Ever.


Having portrayed vampire slayer Faith on both Angel and Buffy, Eliza Dushku was no stranger to horror when she appeared on the big screen in 2003’s Wrong Turn. No one could have predicted it at the time, but Eliza soon proved to be a pioneer in horror fashion; her longish brown hair and white tank top look would be copied by fellow Hot 100 honorees Jessica Biel (in 2003′s Texas Chain Saw Massacre) and Elisha Cuthbert (in 2005′s House of Wax). Though my vote goes to Biel, clearly Dushku wields the most powerful Tank Top Fu — it’s so strong that it distracts even the grodiest of inbred cannibal weirdos.

Eliza Dushku

Jessica Biel

Elisha Cuthbert

Before they teamed up as lovers in the featherweight lesbian romantic comedy Imagine Me & You, Lena Headey and Piper Perabo teamed up as elite super sexy cave-diving scientists in the disastrous monster movie The Cave.

The film is a train wreck that both actresses would rather forget, but come on. I don’t care how bad the movie is: (1) it’s horror, and (2) I said Lena Headey and Piper Perabo. Why they’re so ashamed of this film, I have no idea — surely Piper Perabo had to mine the deepest depths of her soul as an actress to reach the right level of emotional vulnerability to deliver such lines as: “Did you get a shot of that? It’s sick, dude! Totally rockin’!”

Piper Perabo

Last but not least, do I need to mention Jodie Foster’s Oscar-winning turn in Silence of the Lambs when I talk about lesbian icons in horror films? Probably not, but I will anyway. Any excuse for a little gratuitous Jodie Foster!

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