Best First Kisses

Pepa and Silvia, Los Hombres de Paco

One of the most sensual kisses on TV ever, Pepa and Silvia’s first (second, actually; they kissed when they were much younger) kiss lasts about six minutes and involves them caressing one another endlessly, and grinning in amazement.

Naomi and Emily, Skins

It wasn’t really their first kiss, but it was their first on-screen kiss. “Just give me a — just give me a f–king…” Emily says. And Naomi gives it to her all right. “It’s only the drugs, right?” Naomi asks. Emily says yes, just the drugs. (If, by “drugs” you mean “soul mates for all eternity.”)

Bette and Tina, The L Word.

Tina “forgot” her earring at Bette’s fancy art party. She called it “fate.” Alice called it the “the oldest trick in the book.”

What are some of your favorite first kisses?

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