Best First Kisses

Helen and Nikki, Bad Girls

And I’ll just quote Bad Girls recapper Scribegrrrl on this one: “Helen marches out, but she stands outside the cell door for a moment, touching her lips. Yes, it really happened, Helen, and yes, it really felt that good. How many times did you rewind that? I stopped counting at 38.”

Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy

Arizona assures Callie that people will be lining up for her when she’s ready to date again. And then she shows her.

Maya and Emily, Pretty Little Liars

Even though “A” stole the photobooth photos and outed Emily to her mom, Emily’s first kiss with Maya was totally worth it. (And oh, the footise it would lead to!)

Paige and Alex, Degrassi

When Paige asks Alex to be her “sweetheart,” Alex responds with a snog. (My own personal favorite answer ever.)

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