Behind the Scenes of “Exes & Ohs”


Their main characters would consist of Jennifer (Paradise reprises the role in the series), her ex-girlfriend Sam, Chris and her partner Kris, and a new character named Crutch. The original actors from the short were invited to audition; some did so, while others had moved on to different projects.

Jennifer's best friend (and ex), Sam, is played in the series by Marnie Alton. Sam is a bartender who hopes to make a fortune flipping houses. "She's uninhibited, optimistic, but not in a Pollyanna-ish way," said Alton. "The thing that really excited me about her is her lust for life. … She's so full of energy, full of sexuality, and scared to death of commitment, which shows her beautiful vulnerability."

In the first episode, Sam is dating Becca (Cathy DeBuono), who wants a committed relationship. Sam, on the other hand, remarks to Jennifer, "Why do people insist on catching things that don't want to be caught?"

Angela Featherstone (Soul Survivors) plays "Kris with a K," the other half of the Chris-and-Kris couple, who have been together for 10 years. The two dress alike and run several "furry people"-related businesses together out of their home.

Featherstone said that her job is easy because she gets to be partnered with Cavanagh. "Basically all I do is just show up and love Megan Cavanagh," she said. "I put on what they tell me to put on, I stand where they tell me to stand, and I just love Megan Cavanagh. … I would do a play in the Himalayan mountains with Megan Cavanagh."

Cavanagh loves working with Featherstone as well. "Angie Featherstone and I have this great chemistry — like old couple energy," she said. "We'll get into this bickering thing, but it's sweet, always sweet, like real couples do. I love Ang; she's the perfect wife. We call each other 'wifey' when we email each other."

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