Behind the Scenes in Hollywood: Michelle Ceglia


AE: What was it like touching Kate’s hair? During The L Word, her hair was almost a character in its own right.

MC: Kate is, first of all, really sweet and super cool, totally corporative. Her hair? Her hair has a mind of its own. She told me that, and I didn’t believe her.

At first, I was like, “No. I’m going to make it do exactly what I want. But then, “Oh my god.” [laughs]

Her hair is a force to be reckoned with. I’m not going to lie. I wanted to make it less like everyone has seen her –not too Shane-like. I feel like in the end, I won, with her help and patience.

AE: You’ve also worked on other very famous, beautiful heads of hair for a certain network show.

MC: I’ve worked on a lot of shows but I know what you’re digging around for. You mean Grey’s Anatomy?

AE: No, Michelle. SpongeBob Square Pants. Yes, Grey’s Anatomy!
MC: All I can say is that they’re all a ton of fun. On Grey’s, there’s laughter all the time, people cracking jokes. It’s super light-hearted but professional. They’re all fantastic people.

AE: Thank you for confirming what I’ve heard. Now. Let’s talk about lesbian hair. Over two years ago, I interviewed the lesbian winner of Shear Genius. Even back then, she said the faux hawk was “over.” And yet, it won’t die. What other lesbian hair trends need to be put out to pasture?

MC: I feel like, it’s just so — this is hard for me because we have friends, you know what I mean? This is off the record. I’m talking to you as a friend.

AE: Oh hell no. This could be a much needed public service announcement.

MC: [laughs] OK, OK. One thing, is the exaggerated short shag. It’s not attractive on anyone.

AE: What does that look like? Who has one?

MC: Choppy hair with the flippy spikes that are over-exaggerated, all with the idea that it’s going to make you look a little more femme. It’s like a flippy shag.

AE: Hey! Are you talking about me? Who are you calling out here?

MC: [laughs] Jackie Warner had it, but grew it out. Others have sported that hair as well, but Jackie exemplifies the cut.

Jackie Warner and “others”

And with faux hawks, I feel like it depends on how faux-hawky it is. When it’s all around the same length, but a little longer on top, that’s good. But when it’s really cut into it, that’s another story. There’s a fine line.

AE: Justin Bieber hair. Yay or nay?

MC: I f—ing hate it. I f—ing hate it.

AE: But how do you really feel?

MC: I don’t like hair pushed forwarded. It’s just so literal. Not many faces need that much hair framing it.

AE: The lesbians who look like Justin Bieber aren’t going to like hearing that.

MC: From a professional perspective, it’s way too solid around the face. It makes you look fatter, chunkier. It’s the modern version of the bowl cut, but in this case, the bowl was put on the back of the head, instead of on top of it.

AE: That’s it! You just articulated what I’ve tried to say for years. But you know, it’s not enough to identify a problem. What is your lesbian hair solution?
MC: One solution would be a cut that’s wider and softer on top, with no follow through in the back. More like a Morrissey pomp. It’s strong and cool, but way more classic.

AE: Maybe Beiberbowls are good for children, and the Morrissey is good for grownie-ups. Or rockers. Or celebrities. After working on so many stars over the years, do you still get star-struck?

MC: Yes, but it’s different now. My “starstruck” is more like I’m just really psyched to meet and work with everyone. Back in the day, though, the ones [who made me starstruck] were Sharon Stone, Alanis Morissette and, OK, kind of Kate. And with Kate, [while shooting Dexter,] that was the first time in years where I was like, “Ack!”

AE: I think Sharon Stone could either be a scary fun or just really scary. But it’s adorkable that you were star-struck.

MC: Those are the people I want to go back to and say, “I swear, I’m really cool. Really.”

AE: You are cool, Michelle.
MC: Thanks!

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