Behind the Scenes in Hollywood: Cynthia Childs


AE: That addresses something we rarely talk about because gay culture is such a youth-oriented business. Who’s going to take care of us when we’re old?
CC: You’re right on in saying that the gay culture is youth-oriented. In the broadest sense, it is very much about beauty and being young and fabulous. And seniors don’t fit into that picture.

When I came to the project, I found that I hadn’t really considered it myself. Who are the gay seniors in LA and what kind of lives had they led? It was a world that I thought was interesting and there were stories that needed to be told. 

AE: The building had to implement a lottery system because of the overwhelming demand for such a facility.
CC: There was so much hope in this building. Expectations had to be mitigated with, “OK, now you’re here, and we’re trying to create a safe environment. Now what?” It took a while for everyone to feel it was a home. I was actually just visiting one of the seniors and she said she really felt that community now. It was just a wonderful thing to hear.

With resident of Triangle Square, the nation’s first affordable housing development for LGBT seniors

AE: A Place to Live won the Audience Award at Outfest in 2008. Is it currently being shown anywhere?
CC: It did the gay film festival circuit and had a really wonderful run. It was a lot of fun to travel and meet people. The film has a sales agent who’s trying to make a TV sale, and the DVD will be released soon, available on the website.

AE: Very different from reality TV. What do you like about reality TV?
CC: Let me reach down deep. [laughs] I actually feel lucky to have gotten into it when I did, and I work on projects that I care about, which is really rewarding.

There’s so much reality TV that runs the full spectrum of amazing to mind numbing. So, to work on shows with good characters, solid casting and stories to tell – I’m happy. 

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