Behind the Scenes in Hollywood: Cynthia Childs

AE: What were your favorite storylines?
CC: My favorite storyline was Tracy with her mother. Although I don’t find the coming out or the “coming to terms” story the most groundbreaking these days, it was so honest. She went balls out, saying, “I’m going to do this, and you’re going to face it.” 

To me, it was very brave, very emotional and it was risky. I imagine she is pretty glad she went there – it really opened things up with her mom. It’s definitely my highlight story. 

AE: Tracy is the sunshine crotch.
CC: [laughs] I liked when you guys were writing about how many sunshine crotches the show’s reviews were worth! Very good!

AE: I can’t wait to see the Season 2 poster.
CC: How can we top that one?

AE: Well, you can’t.
CC: [laughs] I think we got off-topic. 

AE: Right. What were we…
CC: We were talking about supervising producers.

AE: Yes. Story producing. Thank you.
CC: It varies quite a bit from reality competition to docu-drama, but with docu-drama, Magical Elves likes to go into the field and be the fly on the wall as much as possible. There are some very heavy-handed show where the company is setting up everything, saying, “You’re going to go here, you’re going to do this.” It’s not how we like to do things.

We definitely have story lines in mind, but through communication with the field and the executive producer, we decide which stories we’re going to edit. The supervising producer then takes it through the edit, with notes, and crafts the show. I really enjoy it.

AE: Is it me, or are the best supervising producers women? I think it’s because we’re so organized and like to tell people what to do. I could be making that up.
CC: [laughs] Works for me. I am very organized. I used to be a stage manager with the Los Angeles Opera. It was a lot of fun and I worked on some amazing productions there, but it wasn’t the path I wanted to be on.

AE: You don’t miss the theater?
CC: I don’t miss theater, or opera, just because I really like the reach that television has. You can do the most awesome thing in opera, and so few people saw it. And on top of that, I was in a position that had no creative input at all. That was not satisfying either.

AE: Obviously, there’s more to you than lube
Do you want to talk about your documentary, A Place to Live? I sure do.
CC:  I do!

AE: Great. Tell everyone what it’s about.
CC: A Place to Live is the story of Triangle Square, the very first affordable housing community for elderly gays and lesbians in the entire country.

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