Behind the Scenes in Hollywood: Cynthia Childs


AE: Can you put an Asian in the cast?  In all the complaints about diversity, it never feels like they mean Asians.
CC: I know! That’s one I never hear. And I know a lot of Asian lesbians living in Los Angeles. I don’t get it. Why wasn’t there an outcry for Asians? 

AE: We’re the low-key minority. Can you go on the record that they want to bring back two cast members from Season 1?
CC: I can’t talk about that at all.

AE: What if we speak Pig Latin? Do the names Itney-way and Acy-tray mean anything to you?
CC: I can only say I loved all the cast members from Season 1. I thought they were all amazing women and had great stories. I would have been happy to tell more of them.  

AE: You are a supervising producer, which sounds self-explanatory, but, for readers who don’t know a lot about production, can you detail what that really means?
CC: It varies from show to show, but for The Real L Word, I was story boarding out the episodes. So, as far as people saying, “Hey. This feels like it was story-boarded by straight people” – no, that was me.

Childs (R) with partner, Sasha Berman (L)

AE: Wow, harsh. I’m sorry.
CC: I’m not going to summarily dismiss all of it, but at the same time, we can’t make everyone happy. I wish [they] could be happy for the people who like the show! [laughs]

AE: What footage did you see that we didn’t get to see?
CC: Hmm. I think the saddest thing that got cut from Season 1 was a scene with Whitney, Scarlett and Tor, all in the shower together. And then, the trainer, Miranda, was washing them off with salt. I was shocked and horrified that it didn’t make it into the show.

AE: [laughs]
CC: Whitney was like, “Miranda! Come wash us off.” And Miranda was like, “Uh, OK.” It was hilarious. That’s the thing about Whitney. She had no lack of story.

AE: Not that Whitney needs a reason, but why were they in the shower together?
CC: Corn lube wrestling. There was an industrial grade animal lube in that pool, or something insane.

AE: Is there such a thing?
CC: [laughs] It was an insane amount of lube. That White Trash Party was epic. It went on and on and on. But we had to pick our battles and couldn’t show all of it.

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