Behind the Scenes in Hollywood: Cynthia Childs

AE: Did you get any truly kooky restaurant idea submissions?
CC: I’m not at liberty to say.

AE: Oh, you! Here we go.
CC: [laughs] No! Protect me! 

AE: Fine. I know you’re not going to give me anything good about being the supervising producer on The Real L Word, but I’m going to ask anyway. How do you think Season 1 went?
CC: We took a lot of hits, and at the same time, I know there are a lot of fans. I see our getting a second season as a blessing, and an opportunity to improve the series. Honestly, I’m just trying to embrace that, make the show better, and do everything I can to keep people watching, and hook some new people who don’t know about it yet.

AE: Do you agree with some of the complaints about the first season? Or at least take them seriously?
CC: Oh, I definitely take it seriously. I don’t live and die by them, because we are doing the best we can here, and are producing work that we believe in. But at the same time, I definitely would like to be producing work that the audience likes and can get behind.

In some ways, I felt like it’s definitely a lot to live up to, because the lesbian audience is so broad: from very young girls, to very mature women. And to bring just one show to the market that going to strike a chord with the entire audience, it’s a tricky thing to do.

AE: I’m going to go down the list of complaints The Real L Word received and you address them, if you can. Ready?
CC: Yes.

AE: Number 1: The show wasn’t ethnically diverse. Is Season 2 going to fix that?
CC: I definitely hope so. Casting isn’t complete so I can’t confirm anything at this point. But I would like it to be. But it’s definitely a goal, without a doubt.

AE: OK. Number 2: The cast didn’t represent “real” lesbians.
CC: I never quite understood that one. I don’t know. The show seems very LA to me. And that’s the point of The Real L Word: Los Angeles. It’s not the only people in Los Angeles, by any stretch of the imagination, but when you look at the people who populated The L Word – a professional athlete, an heiress, a dean of a school – those are the women in that world. And so, that was our starting point.

The idea wasn’t to find the most average person. The idea was to find the LA woman who fits within the world that was defined by The L Word. I don’t feel like we missed the mark that much. But certainly, with the diversity, there’s room for improvement.

Season 1 cast (clockwise, L to R):
Nikki Weiss-Goldstein, Rose Garcia, Tracy Ryerson, Whitney Mixter, Mikey Koffman, Jill Goldstein

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