Behind the Lesbian Story Line on “Grey’s Anatomy”


AE: It was a beautiful moment, I thought. What was your favorite aspect
of the story line that they included so far?
Right now, I’m loving Callie. She has such a vulnerability about her,
especially when in the last show, when she walked out and she’s looking at
[Erica] and [Erica] can’t find her keys. …

And then [Erica's] all flustered and Callie’s just like, "I
really need to talk to you." … I just love how real Callie seems to me,
about how —

NW: She’s stumbling.

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TD: Yeah, and I also feel like how [Callie] so wants to be with
[Erica]. And then I just loved how she kissed her and just went for it. I just
like that because it’s that uncomfortable thing of, "Do I do this, do I
say this, oh my God, dadada."

AE: I thought that was a really wonderful moment, and particularly
striking from a character who is normally so confident.
NW and
TD: Right!

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AE: Nikki, you talked about having an attempted sexual experience with your
ex, and the inclusion of Mark was an interesting part of the story line. Did
either of you find it a little problematic that this guy played such a big role
in the development of the relationship between these two women?
No. I think there was one scene that bothered me, but listen, you can’t
love everything. When the girls were in the elevator and they kissed, and it
was in front of him. And I just felt like, if they really cared about
each other, I don’t think they would do that as a stunt. That seemed a little,
I don’t know, forced.

AE: Yeah, I totally agree. That was the moment when I felt like Erica
was not a lesbian.
Exactly. And was more like a conquest, like he could have her too or

AE: The other interesting thing about that scene was that the way it
was edited they kept cutting to Mark’s point of view, and in a way they were
privileging the male gaze.
NW and TD:

AE: They did a similar thing in the last kiss in the final episode,
where the camera panned from the two of them kissing to Mark’s reaction.
But, see, you know why that didn’t bother me? Because I felt like, the
guy, he was hurt. Even though he was happy for her, he wished somebody felt
like that about him. You know, the guy does have feelings in the situation too.

And so that one didn’t
bother me as much as the elevator. … I mean, hey, I would have wrote it where
the girls are in the elevator by themselves and they got so heated —

NW: And they stopped the elevator!

TD: And then the elevator stopped and then he walked on, and they
were like, "How ya doin’?" [laughs] And he was like, "I’ll get
the next one." [laughs]

AE: Yeah, that would have been a great scene.


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