“Beacon Hill” recap (1.2 & 1.3): Tea and Sympathy

Also dealing with family drama is Katherine herself. Her father has shown up at her door, a move Katherine was expecting. We learn a little fun fact about the Wesleys. They are a house divided. While Katherine is a liberal democrat, her father is a staunch republican. Thanksgiving must be fun.


He cuts to the chase. He’s heard the rumblings about Katherine taking over the Preston senate seat and he is there to warn her that she is about to open Pandora’s political soapbox. He wants her to switch parties, to which she says hell to the no. If she doesn’t, her father reveals that the republicans will come at her with everything they have to destroy her chances. Behind his formal demeanor, there is a glimmer of concern.


At the local coffee shop, quirky barista Emily and fellow owner Louise are gossiping about Sen. Preston. Actually Emily is talking major shit about Sen. Preston, and Louise is trying not to appall the patrons.


Katherine walks in for her soy latte (speculation) and Louise promptly apologizes for the badmouthing. Katherine, being the savvy politician she is, carefully avoids any association, while maintaining a gorgeous smile.


She also happens to recognize the gentleman in the coffee shop as a reporter for the Boston Globe. He tries to get an answer from her about being considered as Sen. Preston’s replacement, but she’s already got a sound bite prepared. He then follows up with a shot right to the tender vittles. He’s heard from a few sources that Katherine once had a relationship with Sen. Preston’s granddaughter. For the briefest of moments, Katherine’s unflappable demeanor is flipped. She regains her stride though, and glides the hell out of the coffee shop.


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