“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.06 “Do or Die”

Get your hands off her — Helen meets the independent psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Waugh. He flirts with her almost immediately.

He can’t believe Pam hasn’t been referred to him before. He tries to get through to Pam, even with her demonic fantasies and all, and seems to partly succeed. Helen is very impressed. Ick.

Oh, and by the way, Pam killed a gas man by setting him on fire — because she thought he was the devil. The word nutter does seem kind of appropriate. Dr. Waugh prefers to think of her as a paranoid schizophrenic. Helen, must you be so swayed by his evident intellect? Nikki’s smart too, dammit!

Helen goes right to Karen and reports Dr. Waugh’s assessment, including his opinion of Dr. Nicholson, which is that he’s a quack. Karen and Helen go to Simon to report Dr. No-no’s incompetence.

A homecoming — Denny’s back! Her tongue looks much better. As in it’s not completely swollen and bleeding all over everything. She and Shaz embrace and all is right in the four-bed dorm.

A fresh start — Pam is taking her meds and has taken the sanitary pads down from the mirror. Helen stops by to tell her she may even get to go to an “open prison” soon. Well, what an extremely dramatic and rapid recovery.

Nikki stops by too, to invite Pam to do some gardening with her. I guess Dr. Waugh really has saved the day.

Helen couldn’t be prouder of Nikki. And Nikki’s all embarrassed. Awww.

Elsewhere, Denny is also trying to make a fresh start, by getting in touch with her mother. But first she has to find her; all she can do now is leave a message with someone (we have no idea whom). After she hangs up the phone, Josh asks her about Hollamby’s clock. He eventually confesses that he and Crystal are living together and are engaged. He swears her to secrecy and she promises to hold her newly pierced tongue. She also lies through her teeth, insisting that Crystal didn’t steal the clock. That’s a good friend.

All’s well that ends well — The Julies cry over their lost cat. They agree it’s time to let him go. But this time Nikki saves the day: She has found little Tinker. And guess what? He’s a she, with kittens! Too. Much. Cuteness.

Nikki tells Helen about the kittens, and Helen agrees to arrange for Monica Lindsey to come pick them up. Sheesh, so many rescues in this episode.

Nikki: Gotta apologize to you. You were dead right about Pam Jolly.
Helen: Well, you were right. I was puttin’ my neck on the block.

You were right. No, you were right. No, I love you. No, I love you! That’s what I’m reading between the lines.

Helen: I really feel I can change things now. [turning, then pausing] Nearly forgot. [takes out a new copy of Sophie's World] I know it’s not the same, but …

Nikki opens the book. There’s an inscription: "Until we meet on the outside. — H"

Even. More. Cuteness. Nikki gets all misty-eyed. Not me. I would never. Nope.

Some other minor things happen, like Pam suddenly having lots of friends and Di stalking Josh and the doctor getting fired and Shell taunting Jim, but who cares? Helen gave her the book! Again! With the inscription! Swoon.

Oh, and one major thing happens — Helen goes to the wing office to get Pam Jolly’s file. Fenner is there, smoking in the dark, fuming, having been pushed over the edge by Shell. He gives Helen the file and then suddenly slams her against the filing cabinet.

Fenner: Shall I show you what you really want?

He puts his hand between her legs. She’s terrified, but she manages to break free and run out. Oh, my God.

Where’s a broken bottle when you need one? And why did this episode have, like, six endings instead of one? I’m spent.

NEXT TIME ON BAD GIRLS: Helen tries to heal; Nikki tries to fix things; Bodybag is back.

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