“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.06 “Do or Die”


Even stinkier than a litterbox — Jim wants to know whether Karen has plans tonight. He suggests they go back to her place, and she assumes this is because he’s still prone to visits from his wife. Despite this apparent savvy, she agrees to meet him after work. Sigh. I’m so disappointed in you, Karen.

Josh, Di and Gina saunter in. They tease Josh about being the "baby screw" and tell him to make the tea. Somehow Di and Gina end up alone in the office, and Gina makes a joke about Karen wanting to be the filling in a Fenner–Josh sandwich. Ick.

Di: Do you have to be so crude?
Gina: What you got between your legs, darling? A picture of Jesus.

Nice one, Gina. But let’s not talk about Di’s “down there.” I shudder to think.

Tension and trays — Nikki helps Pam get her food. Everyone’s nervous, and also whispering about Pam. Shaz jokes that Pam is Nikki’s new girlfriend.

Nikki: You got something to say, Sharon?

Oooo. I love that everyone’s so scared of Nikki — and for no apparent reason. When’s the last time she attacked someone? Season 1? But it’s really all about attitude.

Shell is nice to Pam, mostly because she’s terrified. She brings her to the front of the lunch line and then warns her to watch "that lezzie Wade," who might steal her food. This scares Pam and everyone laughs as she runs back to her cell.

Nikki: You’re a sick bitch, Dockley.

See? Attitude!

Diplomacy — Helen invites Shaz to go along to see Denny in the hospital, as long as she doesn’t tell Shell about it, that is. I know you’ve worn those clothes before, Helen, but that doesn’t make them any less fetching.

Helen also asks Nikki about Pam, but doesn’t stay to chat. Do you ever feel kind of used, Nikki? Not that that’s so terrible, if Helen is the user. Sweet dreams are made of this.

The two Julies stop Nikki to talk about compost. Or, rather, manure: Couldn’t she use some? Like, some from a cat?

The worst thing I’ve ever seen — Someone’s setting light to a pile of books. Wait. Isn’t that a copy of Sophie’s World? Don’t those books look kind of familiar?

Gina and Di rush in to put out the flames. The books are nothing but ash by the time they get there.

The hospital — Denny’s out of danger, but the doctor is still in scold mode. Shaz feels bad enough. She kneels down by an unconscious Den and tries to talk to her. Helen looks on sadly.

Denny comes around, of course. Helen tells her not to try to talk.

Shaz: You’re gonna be OK, Den. Just a couple o’ weeks.
Helen: [smiling] Then you’ll be back in the dorm with Shaz.

Don’t you love the way Helen seems to have embraced the joy of sapphic love now, and wants it for all people everywhere? Or something like that.

A cat flap — The Julies want to put a cat flap in Nikki’s potting shed. Nikki suggests digging a tunnel instead, so it won’t be so obvious. And when she suggests it, you can see the wheels turning — she loves a good construction/gardening challenge. She’s so handy!

The cat is adorable, but what a silly story line.

Believing against all odds — In her office, Helen is trying to encourage Pam to make the most of her time on G wing. Pam just fondles her rosary as Shell pretends to be interested in being a "good neighbor." Why is Helen meeting with these two at the same time? It’s like putting Bush and Clinton in the same room and expecting them to be buddies. It’s not working any better than that would.

Di interrupts to tell Helen about the cell fire on G-3. Not just G-3: Nikki’s cell. You can almost see Helen’s heart sink. Shell doesn’t look perturbed in the slightest, of course.

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