“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.06 “Do or Die”


Fenner whines to Karen about Helen’s decision to move Pam onto the wing.

Karen: I’m sick of your anti–Helen Stewart campaign. It makes you sound like Sylvia.

Smacked down again! But Jim plays the sympathy card and says he just has to get a grip in the wake of his injury. Karen insists that a "weaker guy" would have left the service. Make up your mind, Karen: You insult him, you feel sorry for him, you love him, you don’t — hmm, does this remind you of anyone? Employees of the Home Office are pretty good at emotional whiplash.

In her new cell, Pam is spouting some pretty crazy talk about rosaries and decapitation. Helen assures her she’ll be fine, but I wish she’d assure me.

Getting her own assurance — Helen goes right to Nikki’s cell, where Nikki is caressing the copy of Sophie’s World Helen gave her oh so very long ago. Helen knocks, then strides in, her smile a little too broad. Might she have an agenda?

Helen: Nikki. Can I ask you to do me a favor?
Nikki: [smiling coyly] Yeah.
Helen: Can you introduce yourself to Pam Jolly and take her down to lunch with you? She’s gonna need a lot of support. She’s very scared. And who wouldn’t be, after what she’s been through?

Nikki doesn’t like this favor very much. Can you do me a favor instead, Nik? Get a haircut! What’s going on in the back?!

Nikki: She’s a scary one.
Helen: So you agree with Jim Fenner? Listen, 12 years ago, Pam was at college, training to be a teacher. In less than a year she’ll be eligible for parole. The whole time she’s been in prison, I doubt a single person’s tried to have an intelligent conversation with her. I’m just asking you.
Nikki: [sighing] All right. But you can’t win ‘em all, you know?
Helen: [sharply] What is that, a principle for action?
Nikki: No. It’s just an "I care about you."

Helen’s face softens and she asks Nikki to just give Pam a chance. They smile a truce at each other.

I don’t know. I sometimes want to shake Helen and say, “Do you see how much she loves you?” And also, “Do you really think you can save a psycho like Podger Pam?” Oh, and, “Oh, my God, how did you get to be so very gorgeous?!” But anyway.

The Julies’ cathouse — The Julies are putting the cat to bed — in their cell. Yes, they’ve smuggled him in. They decide to name him Tinker. And then it suddenly occurs to Julie S. that what goes in must come out, and they don’t exactly have a litterbox.

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