“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.11 “Rough Justice”


The investigation — Why are these coppers so dumb? They just stare at each questionee — Shaz, Crystal, Shell — and don’t ask very useful questions. Of course, Shell happily volunteers that Renee was having an affair with Yvonne’s husband, even though nobody really asked.

Meanwhile, Hollamby finds the Gov and confesses that she gave Shaz her keys for a little while. She tries to play it off as no big deal, but Karen is understandably upset. For one thing, they’ll have to have all the cell locks changed, and that will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Karen: You have stepped over the line once too often, Sylvia. I’m not letting you off this time. Make an appointment with my secretary. Now.

Oh, suddenly I’m interested in this story line!

Karen takes Shaz back to the questioning room and warns Denny that she’s not going to get away with their little expedition either. Outside, Hollamby shuffles to her car, looking like she wonders whether she’ll ever be allowed back in.

Also outside — Dom and Helen have a little chat.

Dominic: Bet you’re not missing G-wing now, eh?
Helen: What, managing you whinging, backstabbing bastards? I think not.
Dominic: Well, if that’s how you feel, I won’t tell you I was missin’ you, then.

Aw. Go on.

They decide to have a drink or a curry or something, to catch up and to figure out what’s wrong with Shell. Helen puts a hand on Dom’s arm as she takes her leave.

Unfortunately, Nikki sees the whole thing from her cell window. Of course. Cue the lesbian paranoia, round 32!

By the way, the music in these scenes is ridiculously soapy.

The next day — Sylvia’s going to be demoted, and her pay will be docked. She can’t believe "one mishap" has caused all this, but Karen says she’s lucky she’s not being sacked. I think she’s probably also lucky that Karen’s not giggling as she asks for Sylvia’s "pips."

Another meeting — Nikki meets with Helen’s lawyer friend, Claire. Nikki’s charming as usual, and forthright about her tendency toward emotional outbursts. Claire thinks Nikki’s lawyers were wrong not to put her on the stand. She also reveals that the police officer Nikki killed, Detective Gossard, had a violent, wife-abusing history.

Well. That’s certainly interesting. And how lovely is Nikki in this scene? Red is a nice color for a brown-eyed girl.

More digging — The detectives want to talk to Sylvia and Jim and whoever else they can think of. After they leave, Dominic tells Karen that Fenner wasn’t exactly on duty when Renee died: He was at the pub.

Elsewhere, Yvonne walks around with a smirk. Di tells her there’s nothing to smile about, but Yvonne disagrees. She asks Di why they’ve all been let out of their rooms, so Di tells her that Shaz has confessed.

Right on cue, Shaz shows up; she figures she’s already in for life, so why not just get another sentence on top of that and ensure than nobody else gets stuck with the charge?

Denny: I don’t wanna get out of here without you, Shaz.

I feel like this show is giving me a new measure of commitment: Would your girlfriend become a prison officer if you went to jail? Or, if you were both inmates, would she confess to a crime she didn’t commit, just to make sure she didn’t get out without you? I can imagine a line of Hallmark cards with this motif.

Yvonne pulls Denny aside and says Shaz didn’t do it. Gee, I wonder how Yvonne knows? She warns Denny that Shaz could get sent to a hospital for the criminally insane if she gets two convictions for poisoning. So Denny starts to think up an alibi.

Still chug-a-lugging — Dom finds Jim at the pub again. He tells him Karen knows all about his disappearance on the day Renee died, so Jim figures he might as well give up and go home. Bye!

Getting to the truth — Nikki tells her new lawyer that the police just didn’t believe her — or Trisha — when they said Detective Gossard was trying to rape Trisha. Claire asks whether Trisha will testify again on Nikki’s behalf.

Of course.
Claire: It’s nice when you can still be friends, eh?

At this opportune moment, Helen interrupts. Hmm.

Nikki thanks Claire, and Claire and Helen kiss each other goodbye. After Claire leaves, Nikki fills her in and then asks the inevitable:

Nikki: She’s really good, your friend.
Helen: Yeah?
Nikki: You known her for long?
Helen: Yonks.
Nikki: That all she is? A friend?
Helen: [scolding] Nikki. I’ve told you before: I’ve never been into women.

Nikki: Just men?

Helen: Oh, stop being jealous. Look, that letter you wrote me: I feel exactly the same. Trust me.

But Nikki doesn’t look too sure. She just sort of nods sadly. Can you believe the light speed with which these two go through things? They’ve broken up and made up and been freaked out and blissed out more times in a handful of episodes than most couples do in a handful of years. Lesbian drama is bad enough; must they play this thing at four times the usual speed?

And why, in the name of all that is holy, did we not get to read that letter Nikki gave Helen?!

Defending her love — Denny tells the detectives that Shaz is innocent, and she can prove it: She herself did it.

Before this little charade can go any further, one of the detectives gets a call. He kicks Denny out and goes to find Karen. It seems the cause of death was anaphylactic shock from a nut allergy, so the whole thing is declared accidental. Karen just smiles.

But she doesn’t smile when she goes looking for Jim and discovers he’s nowhere to be found. Dom doesn’t try to make excuses for Fenner; he just shrugs.

Karen goes to the common area and announces the cause of Renee’s death. Denny and Shaz celebrate, while Yvonne just watches.

Fueling the fire — Dom doesn’t want to help Di take Denny and Shaz down the block; he’s off to meet Helen for "a drink and a curry." Guess who overhears him as he says this to Di? Yep, Nikki, who probably wishes her cigarette were laced with something a little more soothing than nicotine.

The big revelations — Karen goes to Fenner’s house. He’s pretty much living in his own filth; his wife has left him and taken the kids. He apologizes to Karen and says he’s embarrassed. She seems to feel sorry for him. I’m trying, but all I can squeeze out are tears of amusement.

On a similarly happy note, in her cell, Yvonne eats peanuts and smiles at Charlie’s photo.

NEXT TIME ON BAD GIRLS: The potting shed hosts another confrontation; Nikki’s jealousy grows; so does Karen’s sympathy for Jim.

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