“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.11 “Rough Justice”

Don’t blink — Helen is wearing boots. And a skirt. And a leather jacket. Hang on while I rewind.

Who’s that dykey P.O. she’s smiling at, I wonder? Never mind; she’s visiting Nikki, and that’s what really matters. She peeks through the peephole first, and then she steps in quietly because Nikki’s asleep.

Helen perches carefully on the edge of the bunk and caresses Nikki’s sweetly slumbering face.

Nikki awakes with a start, but then smiles and sighs when she sees Helen, who expresses her surprise that Nikki is alone. Nikki explains that "the screws let Barbara out ’cause she makes their tea."

Helen: I’ve come to collect the questionnaire. Did you fill it in?
Nikki: Yeah. [grabbing the piece of paper] My board review’s in two months’ time. My appeal might be underway by then.
Helen: If it’s granted.
Nikki: [hands her another piece of paper]
Helen: What’s this?
Nikki: I’m not usually the soppy type, but it says a lot of the things I don’t get a chance to say in this place.
Helen: I’ll wait till I’m in bed; I’ll read it then.

Stop making me swoon, you two!

They get interrupted again; this time it’s Karen. But Helen’s a lot less nervous around her and gives Nikki a fond smile as she goes — along with a coded message:

Helen: Bye, Nikki. I look forward to reading your views.
Nikki: Yeah. I mean every word.

Karen finds this a little odd, but doesn’t comment. Thanks, Gov!

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