“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.11 “Rough Justice”


The four-bed dorm — Crystal can’t find her hair oil. Renee just stands there and sneers. Crystal reminds her what the Bible says about an eye for an eye.

Renee: Here. [tossing Crystal a banana] Maybe that’ll take your mind off it.

Racist Renee then swigs her moldy orange juice, blissfully unaware. Shaz and Denny smile at each other, but Crystal looks on intently too. Earlier,Crystal was studying the rat poison in the servery, as if she thought she might have an idea for it. I wonder what?

Suddenly Renee spits out the orange juice and runs to the toilet to hurl.

Elsewhere, somebody — we don’t know where or who — smashes a book (Danielle Steele’s Irresistible Forces) on something in a napkin. And then that someone takes the pulverized bits of something and puts them in a pepper shaker. The music gets all suspenseful and creepy. I think this will all make sense later.

A liquid lunch — Fenner and Dom are at the pub, guzzling pints. Well, Fenner is guzzling; Dominic is trying to get him to go back to work.

A solid, peppery lunch — Renee gets up to get a beverage. While she’s gone, somebody swaps her pepper shaker for another. Next thing you know, she’s shoveling the food into her mouth and many pairs of eyes — Shell’s, Shaz’s, Denny’s, Crystal’s and Yvonne’s — are watching with anticipation.

And Renee finally looks around and starts to hyperventilate. She runs out, then starts to seize as the guards try to seize her. Almost instantly, she’s dead.

Speculating — Shell taunts Yvonne about slipping some arsenic in Renee’s tea, but Yvonne reminds her that she’s the one who serves the food — and is thus the prime suspect.

The next morning, an unshaven, obviously hung over Fenner stumbles into the wing office as Karen is briefing everyone on Renee’s demise and the resulting investigation. Fenner offers a lame excuse about the golf club; Dominic just looks on sadly.

What’s up, Jim? Trouble on the home front? Trouble on the between-your-ears front?

A warning — Di escorts Shaz to a room where some police officers are waiting to chat with her, on account of her history of poisoning. After she leaves, Crystal warns Denny about Shaz:

Crystal: You wanna watch what you put in your mouth, girl.

Uh, I don’t think she meant that the way it sounded.

Drunken advice — Hollamby finds Fenner at the pub. She tells him about the Denny and Shaz caper — I swear I typed "Daz and Shenny" at first — and confesses that Shaz temporarily had the Larkhall keys. Fenner calls Hollamby a "stupid bitch" and suggests that she come clean to Karen right away.

Fenner, when you’re sober, you’re a jerk we love to hate. When you’re drunk, you’re just a jerk.

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