“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.11 “Rough Justice”

Still pulling pranks — In the four-bed cell, Shaz stages another Hollamby prank, but this one is awesome. She pretends to loudly tell Denny to hide something, and then when Hollamby peeks in to see what’s up, Shaz pretends to hide something herself. So Hollamby trundles into the cell and over to the mattress to see what Shaz has stashed. Before she can blink, Shaz and Denny leave the cell and pull the door shut behind them, locking Hollamby inside with Crystal and Renee.

Woooo! Crystal just giggles. Hollamby whispers through the food slot in the door, telling Shaz and Denny they’ll get in trouble, but Shaz knows that if they do, so will Hollamby.

Hollamby: Now, come on girls. The joke’s over. Let me out now.
Shaz: Miss, how can we, miss? We haven’t got the key.

OK, Shaz, I take back my earlier comments regarding your dim wit. And hey, Denny: Nice thumb ring, ya lez!

Hollamby foolishly gives them the keys, off with which they promptly run. They go to the servery, where they collect biscuits and moldy bread. No, I don’t know what the latter is for. Before they can tell us, Denny sees a rat, so they leave.

They go back to the cell and let Hollamby out. OK, I’m back to the dim-witted thing: You had keys. And each other. And even some damn biscuits. Hit the freakin’ road!

But after Hollamby leaves and everyone else falls asleep, Shaz takes the moldy bread and puts it in Renee’s carton of juice or whatever that is. She really is a crafty little poisoner, isn’t she?

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow — It’s the next morning. You know what that means: Helen’s back! She’s welcoming lifers to their first lifers’ group. Guess who’s among them? Yes, one Nikki Wade.

Helen introduces herself and proceeds to talk to them about their needs or knees or something. Uh, what? Oh, sorry, I was beholding her gorgeousness again.

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