“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.11 “Rough Justice”


Mealtime — Renee asks Shell what’s in the grub.

Renee: What’s in that?
Shell: It’s shepherd’s pie.
Renee: I asked what was in it.
Shell: It’s potatoes and dead cow. Happy?

Well, I know I am! Shell makes a game of telling Renee what’s in the ice cream. As she reads the ingredients, she adds "lots of E’s." Heh. But when she gets to "chopped, mixed nuts," Renee tells her to "stick it."

Gee. I wonder what’s going on here. I can’t imagine why she’d be so very concerned about nuts. Yvonne hears the whole thing, of course, and smiles to herself.

Reunited — Outside, Helen walks by the potting shed. She peers in as she passes, and Nikki sees her from inside the shed. Nikki scampers out and walks with her, sorta like a happy little puppy. Helen just keeps on strolling, but is obviously glad to see Nikki too.

Nikki: When’d you come in?
Helen: This morning. I’ve been in meetings all day.
Nikki: You here for long?
Helen: Uh-huh. Settin’ up a lifers’ group. We are gonna be seeing a lot more of each other.
Nikki: In private, I hope.
Helen: You’re gonna have to keep your hormones under control, Nikki.

Nikki just gives her a cheeky look. Helen finally stops walking and gets seeerrrious.

Helen: Listen. I have some good news.
Nikki: Yeah?
Helen: I sent a copy of your file to a lawyer friend of mine. She wants to meet you.
Nikki: She knows about my case?
Helen: She thinks that you could appeal your sentence.
Nikki: I can’t believe it. You’re joking. Wait till Fenner hears.
Helen: Oh, don’t wind him up. I kinda broke the rules when I first copied your file.

Nikki is obviously so tempted to kiss Helen at this point, it’s almost comical. In a maddening way.

Helen: Listen, we’ve got a long way to go, so don’t get your hopes too high.
Nikki: Yeah. But just to even have a hope.
Helen: [nodding]. I’ve gotta go. I’ve got more meetings. I’ll see you tomorrow.

No, not tomorrow! Now! Pout. Nikki, if you need some company while you’re pouting in the potting shed — oh, hey, the pouting shed! — let me know.

More subtle foreshadowing — Shell grouses about Renee and her food inquiries, hoping she’ll "choke on it." You’re cracking me up today, Shell. Petulance is funny on you.

Back in the four-bed cell, Renee hassles Crystal some more, telling her to "piss off back to the jungle." Crystal goes right to Fenner and Betts and reports the racism. Karen takes it very seriously, because she’s cool like that.

Fenner decides to take matters into his own hands (as usual) and barges into the four-bed cell to intimidate Renee. But she’s not easy to spook, so he rifles through her stuff. He dumps her expensive "hair stuff" down the toilet until she agrees to play nice. As a reward, he gives her the loo cleaner job.

Funny. I like my hair stuff too, but I don’t think I’d care much in prison. And you’re not exactly a stunner, Renee, so I’m not sure it matters very much whether your pomades are in your hands or down the loo.

In the library, Yvonne reads a medical book. She tears out a page for further research. Hmm.

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