“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.09 “The Leaving”

Zandra’s party — Aw, this is nice. Everyone’s happy and tipsy. Shell changes the tone a little by saying the word "dying," but Zandra’s glad it’s out in the open.

Dom interrupts, so they all hide their smuggled-in hooch. He looks around and sees a bottle, but then he looks the other way and gives them one hour.

Zandra: Thanks … Dominic.
Everyone else: [giggling] Cheers, Mr. McAllister.

Shell asks Babs whether she still thinks lesbians are "creepy."

Nikki: I think you’ll find that your information’s a bit out of date.

Nikki makes Shell ‘fess up about the diary. Shell also reveals some of the mean things Babs has written in it, like her notion that Zandra deserves to have her baby taken away.

Barbara: It’s true, I did write those things she’s said. But it was stupid, and it was ignorant, and it was before I got to know you all. [to Shell] The only person I haven’t changed my mind about is you. You are a psychopath. And you are cruel, and you are spiteful.

Wooo! Now run, Babs, run! But she doesn’t — she stands her ground. Zandra comes to her aid and tells Shell to piss off. Shell sulks away, and everyone else goes back to partying. Larkhall is just like college, what with the libation and tiny bunks and all.

It gets even more jolly when Julie S. gets a call on the phone sex line. The guy on the other end wants her to baa like a sheep, so soon they’re all baa-ing. I love their great, genuine-sounding laughter, and so does Dominic. Outside, he tells Sylvia to let them all have their fun.

Inside, Denny starts to moo as well as baa, but then it all turns sour. Zandra seizes, falls and dies.


Dom rushes to her side, but she’s gone.

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