“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.09 “The Leaving”


A quick snog — Dominic visits Zandra in her cell. He wishes he could be of more help to her, but she says he’s helping her get through.

Zandra: Sometimes I …
Dominic: What?

Sometimes I daydream about what things could have been like if I didn’t have this. I’d have got clean, I’d have finished my sentence, and then … when I got out, maybe …
Dominic: [nodding]
Zandra: Don’t s’pose it would have worked, would it?
Dominic: Don’t s’pose. [pausing] It might’ve.

And then Zandra starts to cry. Dom lifts her chin up, and that’s all the encouragement she needs to lean forward and give him a little kiss. He resists at first but then kisses back, just barely.

Dominic: I shouldn’ta done that. Sorry.
Zandra: Don’t be. At least one of my dreams came true.

Wahhhh! And hey, isn’t Dom’s line exactly what Nikki said the first time she kissed Helen? Maybe that’s why Dominic and Zandra are my second favorite couple. That, and because they’re adorable.

Dom just looks shattered when he leaves Zandra’s cell. I want to buy him a puppy.

Sing it, sister — Out in the yard, Crystal invites everyone to a prayer meeting for Zandra. Shell’s not enthused:

Shell: If there was a God, he wouldn’t have given her a bleedin’ brain tumor, would he? [pointedly, in Barbara's direction] Unless, of course, he’s a psychopath like me.

Uh-oh. I just giggled at Shell. Soon I’ll be kicking puppies instead of buying them for heartbroken prison officers!

The Julies offer to give Zandra a party. Barbara endorses the idea. Shell expresses her surprise; she thought Barbara thought the Julies were "a bit backward." Nikki hears this and wonders why Shell knows anything at all about Barbara’s thoughts, but Babs just brushes it off.

Dominic wanders by, so Nikki consoles him. Lesbians like you, Dom! She reminds him that giving Zan a little love in her sad, sorry life is much more important than following the prison rules. Love above rule 43: That’s our Nikki.

The cell of confession — Nikki wants to know what’s up with Babs. She finally gets the truth: Shell has the diary. Never mind that — Nikki, that shirt is very unflattering. Where’s that tight pink number you like so well? I know, no reason to dress now that Helen’s disappeared.

Babs can’t report the theft of the diary because it contains comments about the screws. Plus, Nikki reminds her, she wouldn’t want to "grass" (squeal) in general, if she wants any friends among the inmates.

Nikki: I would offer to go and kick her face in for you, but …

Nikki’s not just worried about keeping her nose clean for her appeal; she also thinks Babs should face up to Shell herself. Scary.

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