“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.07 “The Setup”

Souring the deal — Yvonne invites Fenner to her cell.

Yvonne: There’s been a development. Four of them, actually.

She nods toward the wall, where she has taped up the photos of Fenner and Charlie on the golf course. Fenner rips them down and raises his hand to strike her, but she blocks his arm and tells him he’s not dealing with "some s—head little tart" now.

Yvonne: One bruise on me, and Charlie’ll feed your bollocks to his dogs.

He’s actually shaking, he’s so scared. Sweet!

The girl who cried pain — Hollamby assumes Zandra’s seizure was drug-induced. Crystal insists that Zandra is off drugs now.

Hollamby: That’s right. And I’m off chocolate fingers.

That doesn’t translate very well, and almost sounds raunchy. But chocolate fingers are really very yummy. I myself prefer a Twirl bar or some Minstrels.

Crystal tries to defend Zandra, but ends up just telling Hollamby she’s going to hell. Always a strong finish.

Chastised — Fenner is seeing the light.

Fenner: Maybe I overplayed my hand.
Yvonne: You never ‘ad one, mate.

Take that, Fawner. He tries to slip out, promising Yvonne that she and Charlie will have privacy on the next visiting day, but Yvonne tells him he’s not getting it: He may be carrying the keys, but he’s not calling the shots. She reminds him that she still has the negatives, so he asks her what she wants.

Yvonne: Out of Larkhall. For good.

No, Yvonne, don’t go! Your freedom is not more important than my amusement. Sorry.

Babs’ house of reflection — Nikki is pacing and smoking while Barbara writes in her diary. Nikki is skeptical of the whole endeavor, but Barbara thinks she can get a book out of her Larkhall experience. Besides, there’s nobody waiting for her on the outside, so she has to occupy herself somehow.

Nikki: No family?
Barbara: I left my first husband when I met Peter. Peter was a lovely man. Do you believe in soul mates, Nikki?
Nikki: Yeah, I think so.
Barbara: Someone who sees the world just the way you do. They don’t even have to be there with you, but somehow you’re just aware of them. Someone you were always meant to be with. Well, that was Peter.
Nikki: Sounds nice.

As if you don’t know how nice it can be, Nikki. But then Babs tells her sad tale: Peter got cancer, and Barbara helped him die.

Barbara: It wasn’t murder. I knew God wouldn’t see it as murder. But what I did do was kill the only man I could ever love. My soul mate. And the loneliness is much more punishment than this place could ever be.

Sigh. Nikki tries to comfort her, but there’s probably no comfort to be found in that situation. So Nikki encourages her to keep writing down her thoughts.

Nikki: You tell it as it is. Just make sure the screws don’t get a sneak preview, and that there’s nothing in there about me.

Barbara sort of sighs and looks askance in a "who-me-I-would-never-please-don’t-look-at-my-diary" sort of way. Foreshadowing, anyone?

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