“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.07 “The Setup”


A sassy morning — Hollamby goes to Nikki and Barbara’s cell for their wake-up call.

Hollamby: All right. Let’s have you.
Nikki: In your dreams, love.
Hollamby: Less of your lip, Wade.

No, more! Much more. And why are you so smiley and witty this morning, Nikki? I wonder. I also wonder about your very beige clothes, but never mind. Your beaming face could brighten up even the drabbest of ensembles.

As Nikki and Barbara hustle to the breakfast queue, Yvonne calls her husband to tell him Fenner’s getting greedy. Like that’s news.

The breakfast queue — Look at the nervous anticipation at Nikki’s face. And then watch it turn to wonder as she sees Helen coming through the gates. You can almost hear her breath catch. Helen gives her the smallest of smiles, but it’s enough to freeze Nikki in her tracks; Barbara has to tell her to move along in the queue.

Helen is ambushed as she enters the dining area: Zandra and Crystal grin at her and welcome her back. Helen would love to stay to chat, but she has things to do. She saunters right over to Nikki.

Helen: Hello.
Nikki: Do you wanna come back to my place?

Helen’s eyebrows are surprised, but her mouth is just amused.

And that’s exactly where they go: to Nikki’s cell. Hang on a minute. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a TV show, and not a long and elaborate dream. I mean, how can this be happening? A lesbian relationship as the central story line of what was a prime-time drama on the U.K. equivalent of network TV? I’ll never get over it.

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