“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.06 “Losing It”


An interrogation — In Nikki and Barbara’s cell, Karen and Dominic ask Barbara about the graffiti. She insists that nobody made her do it. Nikki rushes, er, saunters, to the rescue.

Nikki: Oh, for God’s sake. Dockley did it.

Karen asks Barbara to confirm that, and Barbara nods. Karen thanks Nikki — who has now settled on her bunk with another classic novel — for her help.

Nikki: Oh, anytime. Governor.

And by "governor," she means "poor substitute for Helen," of course. Barbara thanks Nikki too.

Nikki: I hate Dockley more than I hate you, darling. That’s all.

Dom and Sylvia take Shell down the block, where she accuses Dominic of being a "poof" (gay) and then continues to fall apart.

Time passes — as indicated by dramatic dissolving shots of Shell on the floor in various positions, and by the therapist telling Karen she can’t keep Shell in solitary "forever." Well, no, but maybe five minutes?

Trying to behave herself — Nikki’s playing pool. Fenner stops by to taunt her. It seems a letter arrived for her this morning, and of course it had to be opened and inspected. Nikki starts to lose her cool, but stops herself.

Fenner: Very affectionate girl, Helen. Nice turn of phrase. She likes you.
Nikki: Bastard.

Fenner just smirks and walks away. Well done, Nik. I’d have found a new use for that pool cue.

Karen’s office — Shell finally reveals that she was sexually abused by her father, starting at age 11 or 12, and her mother made her do it.

Shell: The judge who sent me down, he said I was evil personified. I must have been, to have wanted that.

Sigh. I almost can’t bear to watch. Karen tries to assure Shell that it wasn’t her fault, but then they both start to worry about Shell’s kids, who are with her parents. Yeesh. Shell cries on Karen’s strong shoulders.

An arrangement — In their cell, Nikki tells Barbara that Fenner is reading her letters from Helen. But Hollamby stops by and says there wasn’t any mail for Nikki.

Hollamby: Looks like she’s forgotten you.

Barbara offers to be a go-between for any letters that do come. Well, that’s a long way from "Don’t make me share a cell with the scary dyke!" I like you again, Barbara.

Bespectacled — Zandra tries on her new specs. She’s absolutely adorable. Dominic sees her and asks how she feels.

Zandra: My head still feels like a bleeding truck’s parked on it.

But you’re so cute!

Dominic tells her to let him know if her headaches don’t improve.

Dominic: Seeya later, Groucho.
Zandra: [smiling] Piss off!


Karen’s office — Governor Betts has a well-earned smoke and tells Fenner she’s decided to stop the therapy sessions. Also, she’s decided to put Shell back on the wing. Fenner doesn’t care as much as you might expect him to, because he’s got bigger fish to fry: He has a clipping from the local paper. It’s a picture of Sylvia, hamming it up on the dance floor. So much for that neck injury.

But why is Fenner betraying Sylvia like this? Oh, that’s right: Because he’s a snake with no loyalties whatsoever.

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