“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.06 “Losing It”

Whipping up a frenzy — The next morning, the inmates are still shouting about perverts and rapists and strip searches. It even makes Fenner nervous. The Julies try to fan the flames too, but it’s not very convincing when they try to demonize Dom.

In the wing office, Fenner acts like he’s the expert on this sort of thing (you know, for a change).

Fenner: You smile, and it’s rape.

In your case? Absolutely. But Karen takes it seriously when Dom says even he has been accused of undressing the Julies with his eyes. Hollamby blames it all on Baby Shell.

Sylvia: Shell Dockley’s not just playing up. That group therapy’s deranged her.
Karen: Yeah, well, she was deranged a long time ago.

Karen asks everyone to be patient and promises to keep them posted. Nice suit today, Karen.

After the meeting, Hollamby tells Karen that Dr. No-no (that’s "Malcolm" to Sylvia) has told her the exercise regime is only exacerbating her neck injury. Birds of a corrupt feather flock together.

The showers — Out of the blue, Shell slams Barbara against the wall and asks her to secure a black marker from the art room. Barbara says they’re not allowed to take anything out of the room.

Shell: You want me to cut your tits off and make curry out of ‘em?

The hits just keep on comin’! Now who’s scary, Barbara?

Another romantic setting — In the servery, Josh gives Crystal a present: a crucifix on a chain. She gives him a big hug, and they smile at each other.

He repeats the offer of a place to stay. I keep trying to get interested in this, but all I can think about is how much more chemistry Nikki and Helen have.

Crazy-psycho-loony-land — Barbara gives Shell the pen she requested. Shell uses it to draw a mustache on her own face. Whaa?

Then Shell makes Barbara write "Fenner is a rapist" on the wall. Shell draws a stick figure to go with it. Nikki strolls by just after Shell leaves and beholds the cave drawing.

Barbara: It was Shell!
Nikki: [smirking] Try telling your friend Fenner that.

The last thing you ever expected to see — The two Julies and Denny offer some genuine sympathy to Hollamby and her injured neck. She thinks they’re teasing her as usual, but they’re sincere.

Denny: We’d rather have you in charge than any fella, Miss. You’re a woman, i’n’t it?

Is it?

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