“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.06 “Losing It”


Young love — Josh and Crystal flirt near the rubbish bin. Ah, the romantic smells of springtime. They make plans for their future; Josh offers her a place to stay when she gets out of Larkhall, which is happening soon. But Crystal warns Josh about having the wrong "expectations." You know, the sexy kind.

Hollamby sees them chatting and interrupts. Josh’s eyes widen as he sees Hollamby’s frightening tracksuit. Between that and Shell’s getup, there are some eye-popping costumes in this episode. After Hollamby leaves, Crystal mutters about the "spacesuit" on the "stupid fat cow." Very Christian, Crystal.

Josh: You are one gorgeous-looking girl, Crystal. You know that?

Well, anyone’s gorgeous-looking next to Hollamby harrumphing by in a spacesuit.

Assessing the processing — Karen and Meg (the group therapist) talk about the group therapy sessions. They try to figure out what to do about Shell, who, in the therapist’s estimation, is a "powder keg" ready to blow.

Karen just looks pensive as she sips her tea.

The gym — Hollamby is working out while Denny and the two Julies watch. I don’t know what’s funnier: Hollamby doing sit-ups or the way Julie J. looks more like she’s ready for a client than ready to exercise. Denny looks sexy in a different way, with her black tank top and her taunting remarks about Sylvia joining the SAS.

Hollamby hurts her neck and howls in pain. So funny and so wrong.

A bedtime spaz — Dominic tries to get Shell to go to her cell for sleepytime, but she goes nuts on him, calling him a sick perv who wants to rape her.

Dominic: I just touched your arm!
Shell: Yeah, well don’t in future. How would you like it if I touched you? Kept groping you every five minutes?

The onlookers hoot and holler, egging her on, but Karen shows up just in time to escort Shell to her cell. Poor Dominic. That’s what Zandra’s thinking, too: She offers him a sweet "Good night, Mr. McAllister" as he locks the door of the four-bed dorm.

Zan, Denny and Crystal discuss Shell’s mental health as they get ready for bed. Denny reckons Shell’s right about men being pervs, but Crystal and Zandra defend men in general and Dominic in particular.

Zandra: Some of us like men, anyway. We’re not all dykes like you, Denny.

Denny just laughs and teases Zandra about liking Dominic. This show is very good at showing things like the difference between Barbara’s reaction to Nikki and Zandra’s use of the word "dyke" — the former is homophobic, while the latter is good-natured teasing. Not an easy line to draw.

Zandra gets a little huffy when Denny teases her about Dom, however — and then Zan’s head hurts again, possibly because of that ear-splitting sound in the background. Who chooses the sound effects? "Give me something that screams, ‘My head is pounding! Make me feel it!’" Ouch.

Crystal tries to give Zandra a cup of water, but Zandra doesn’t quite manage to close her fingers around it. The cup falls to the floor.

Crystal: What’s the matter with you, girl?
Zandra: I thought I had it.

Well, we’re all worried now, Zandra. Yikes.

A nice chat — Karen tries to talk to Shell calmly and quietly, but Shell’s ranting about all the groping she suffers.

Shell: I was gang-banged this morning!

Whoa. Karen just sighs, and Shell looks away, embarrassed. Karen tells her she’ll try to get Shell a job in the kitchen if she can behave herself for a week or so.

Shell: I can get a knife in the kitchen and kill Mr. Fenner!

Right on! You’re hired!

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