“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.06 “Losing It”


Whatever happened to Baby Shell? — At group therapy, Zandra is still talking about getting clean for herself rather than for someone else. But the conversation grinds to a halt as a terrible vision unfolds in the doorway.

Shell: Not interrupting anything, am I?

I don’t even know how to describe her: She’s a mess. She’s wearing a short skirt and smeared makeup, and her hair is in pigtails. She looks like a schoolgirl from hell, and sounds like one too.

Shell: I’m gonna be a good little girl from now on.

I actually shuddered. So did everyone in the group. The therapist calmly asks Shell why she has chosen to dress like this today, and Shell says it’s just for a laugh. Yeah: a maniacal, homicidal laugh. Next thing you know, Shell is up on a table, doing a pole dance without the pole. The therapist talks her down and suggests that she get some individual therapy after the session. Yes, after the session, behind a locked door, in a straitjacket and between padded walls.

Nikki’s cell — Do you know what lesbians do sometimes? They pee. I know: It’s shocking and horrible. That seems to be Barbara’s reaction, anyway, as Nikki quietly and demurely relieves herself (as demurely as possible in a tiny cell with only a divider to separate the loo from the rest of the space).

Fenner shows up, right on cue, accusing Nikki of "flaunting her bits and pieces" and assuring Barbara she’ll be moved to a new cell as soon as possible.

Fenner: Meantime, Wade, keep your dykey fingers to yourself.

Fenner leaves, and Nikki just glares at Barbara. Well, half glares, half wonders — as if she’s thinking, "All I did was pee!"

After group therapy — Shell talks about how men are bastards who just want sex and will take it from her whether she gives it freely or not. It’s been an issue for her all her life.

OK, Shell. I do feel sorry for you. But I’m still scared of you and can’t help but avert my eyes. Your killer clown face is just terrifying!

A confrontation — Nikki yells at Barbara, telling her she should have talked to her directly if she had a problem, instead of going to Fenner.

Barbara: I didn’t say any of those things he said.
Nikki: Well, what did you say, Barbara?
Barbara: I just said I was nervous about sharing a cell with …
Nikki: A dyke.
Barbara: I never mentioned that word. He had no right to say those things to you. I feel terrible now.
Nikki: Good. Then you know how I feel. I hope you get your move. Maybe you’ll get put in with Dockley. Or how does a junkie sound, jacking up every night in the bunk opposite? That make you feel safe?
Barbara: I’m really sorry, Nikki.
Nikki: I don’t care, darling. I’ll be happy to be alone again. Oh, and as for fancying you, get real. Even if I was available, I wouldn’t touch you with a cattle prod.

Woooo! Nice speech, Nik. Barbara seems ashamed of herself and honestly contrite. Also, did you hear what Nikki said? She’s not available. ‘Cause she’s in love. With Helen. Come back, Helen!

Sometimes, especially when she gets emotional, Nikki sounds like Nancy Astley (Rachael Stirling) in Tipping the Velvet. I wonder if she’ll ever break into song?

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