“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.06 “Losing It”


Therapy — Zandra talks about being clean. The therapist reminds her to do it for herself, not for others, especially a certain cute, sensitive prison officer.

Shell: Girls are always doing that, though. Pleasing men. It’s what they’re born for.

Speak for yourself, sister. The therapist tries to delve a little, and Shell soon goes into some sort of fugue about hearing men at night, laughing, and coming into her room stinking of beer. It gets very Sybil-ish as she talks about the blurry bad men, and one in particular who makes her wake up in a sweat.

Therapist: Do you know him? Shell?
Shell: Yeah, well, maybe.

But she can’t describe the "long shadow." It seems very serious — she starts to cry, and the therapist is concerned — but we’re all saved by the bell. The prison has a bell? Well, yeah, I guess it’s important to keep to a schedule when you have places to go and things to do. Wait.

Is Shell seriously exploring some psychological trauma, or just trying to get attention? Will we ever know? Will we ever care?

Speaking of getting attention — Nikki strolls into her cell (Barbara’s there, brushing her teeth or something) and disrobes. I mean, she actually drops her robe to the floor. Her back is to us, and her bum is quite a nice sight.

Pardon me; I need to do some rewinding.

OK, so Nikki pulls on her pajamas (moving in a lithe, almost catlike way as she does), and then she sees that Barbara seems about ready to jump out of her skin. She asks her whether she’s OK. Barbara says she’s fine, but Nikki thinks it’s strange that Babs isn’t bathing tonight.

Nikki: I’m not being funny or anything, but it soon goes off in here. Open toilet, bad ventilation …

But Babs would rather stink up the place than get naked in front of Nikki. Come on: Does this make any sense? You’re like, what, 30 years her senior? And yeah, Nikki’s tough, but she’s been perfectly nice to you. I think you’ve seen one too many dykesploitation flicks, Babs.

Morning — Shell is having a bad dream. She’s whimpering and writhing and wakes with a start. A sex dream or a nightmare? Yeah, with Shell, it’s probably both.

Meanwhile, the two Julies are puttering around their cell, putting makeup on, reading magazines, having a perfectly nice morning. It soon turns into a fantastic morning for them and everyone they call into their cell to look out the window: Hollamby is out there with her trainer, huffing and puffing and looking like an advertisement for a 1980s aerobics video. Or, rather, a parody of a 1980s aerobics video.

It’s funny, but would they really make her exercise at the prison? That would seem guaranteed to undermine her authority. I mean, if she had any.

The inmates cheer and laugh as Hollamby glares up at them. But the fun is short-lived: Zandra grabs her head in pain. They all remind her to get those specs, but she insists she’s not going "four-eyed."

Crystal: And all ’cause of vanity. It’s a sin, you know — vanity.
Zandra: Ah, don’t start that crap, for God’s sake.
Denny: It’s ’cause she fancies Dominic.

They all tease her, but she runs out, in real pain.

The wing office — Barbara tells Fenner she needs to talk to someone about a "problem." He rebuffs her at first, saying she can’t just come knocking on the door and must go through the proper channels.

Barbara: Only it’s about Nikki Wade.

That gets her in the door faster than you can say "Fenner hates women."

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