“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.06 “Losing It”

Optimism and pessimism go for a walk — Zandra and Dominic discuss Dr. No-no. Dominic can’t believe Zan didn’t get more information from the snooty old dude, but Zandra’s not surprised. Dom offers to go back to see him, but Zan stops him and gets very serious. She dramatically tells him she needs specs. He chuckles, of course, and she takes it personally.

Dominic: I laugh ’cause I’m relieved. I thought it was serious.
Zandra: Well, it is! I’m gonna look stupid, ain’t I?!

Dom thinks staying off the smack is a better way for Zan to maintain her good looks. She insists that she’s clean, "straight up," and he seems to accept that.

Zandra: I’m doin’ it. For you. But I’m not wearin’ specs. No way.

Cute. I think Dominic thinks so too.

Inspiring fear — At breakfast, Shell waltzes up to Barbara and Nikki and asks whether Barbara is Nikki’s new girlfriend. Nikki leaves, so Barbara asks for clarification.

Shell: Well, if you can’t work it out for yourself, darling, just keep your knickers on after dark, that’s all.
Barbara: What?!
Shell: [nodding toward Nikki] Lesbo, i’n’t she?

Bleedin’ hell, Shell. How many people do you typically terrorize in a day? If only we could harness your evil energy in some way. We could probably stop global warming.

Woe is she — Sylvia’s grousing about the "course of training" Betts has wangled her into. Where will she get a tracksuit, she wonders? That’s what’s so great about Sylvia: not that she complains about her husband having to "get his own tea" while she goes out to buy a tracksuit, but the fact that she assumes she needs a tracksuit in the first place. Who doesn’t love a bumbling, unimaginative martyr?

Hollamby: [sighing] Oh, and the hours I work. It’s more like the Burma Railway than an English prison.

Fenner and Dom sort of chuckle to themselves. Dominic reminds Sylvia that she wanted things to be tougher in Larkhall, and now she’s getting her wish.

The kitchen of love — Josh is hanging out, flirting with Crystal. The two Julies show up and tease him, so he finds a reason to leave. They immediately interrogate Crystal.

Julie J.: You sure Josh is your type?
Crystal: Why?
Julie S.: Well, ’cause he ain’t into Jesus and that.
Crystal: Will be.

Poor Josh. I mean, I don’t like him much, but I wouldn’t want to be subjected to a Crystal-rific conversion.

The hero — Betts tells Fenner he’s in line for a medal for saving her from Mad Tessa. He says he’s turning it down, so she mocks him for being so noble.

Karen: You did very well the other day, you know. It’s just, you don’t have to overdo it.

As if Fenner does anything in moderation. Hey, does he have a cold? It sounded like Zan had one too. I guess germs probably thrive at Larkhall. Germs like Jim.

Fenner: I’m not a complete s—, you know.

We don’t know! But Karen seems to feel sorry. Don’t take it back, Karen.

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