“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.05 “Mistaken Identity”


Group therapy — Shell confesses that when someone betrays her, she wants that person to die.

Denny: [shrugging] It’s what she’s like.

I love Denny the Snarky Commenter. But I don’t enjoy Shell’s ridiculous stories, and neither does the therapist. This disapproval sends Shell into a fit of yelling.

Shell: It ain’t us that needs sortin’ out; it’s the friggin’ screws.

Everyone agrees that the screws don’t listen. Zan says she just wants to see an ordinary doctor, but nobody hears her sincere requests. The therapist says this is not the forum for complaints. But Shell says if they’re going to talk about their lives, they’re going to talk about the screws. She does have a point.

Solitary — The shrieking woman seems kinda crazy. Dominic tries to talk to her, but she says she can’t talk because she can’t breathe. When he calls her Tessa, we get a little clue to this twisty plot:

Not-Tessa: You don’t even know my bloody name!

Dominic looks stunned and goes off to investigate.

A proper topic for therapy — Everyone’s talking about the times they’ve let men take advantage of them. Shell tries to tell her story about the screw who took advantage of her, but it turns sour when the therapist tries to figure out whether Shell sometimes enjoyed the sex. Shell and Denny get up to leave.

The therapist: Don’t pretend to yourself you’re leaving because you’re bored.
Shell: How do you know what I’m thinking?
The therapist: Why do you feel guilty about sex, Michelle?

I kinda like this therapist. She reminds me of someone — Erin Gray, maybe. Someone who can see through Shell, I guess. Shell sits back down. I think she’s impressed.

The yard — Not-Barbara asks Di about her appointment with the governor. She’s a little tired of waiting.

Di: You’ve soon picked up a bit of an attitude, haven’t you?

After Di walks away, not-Barbara swaggers her attitude right over to Nikki and asks for a word.

Not-Barbara: So you think you’re big sister, do you?
Nikki: Excuse me?
Not-Barbara: Sticking your nose in. Doing the screws’ job for ‘em. Lick their arses for ‘em too, do ya?
Nikki: Look, I’m busy.
Not-Barbara: I’ll tell you what you are, you piece of snot. You’re a narc, ain’t ya?
Nikki: Look, I don’t know what your problem is. I’m not interested. So why don’t you save your breath and go run round the playground instead?

And for a minute it looks like not-Barbara’s going to do just that, but then she kicks Nikki from behind. Nikki cries out and grabs her leg, and then tackles not-Barbara to the ground. Fight, fight! Next thing you know, Fenner’s pulling Nikki off not-Barbara and blaming her for the whole thing.

Not-Barbara pretends to be terrified, so Nikki calls her a "lying s—" and a "head case." But Dominic and Fenner didn’t see who started it, so Nikki’s back on Basic and not-Barbara is blameless. Why does all the injustice in the world find you, Nik?

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