“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.04 “Looking for Love”


The comedy relief — The two Julies ask Crystal about Josh. They say he seems like a nice boy, and confirm for themselves that Crystal likes him. Then Julie S. reads Crystal’s tea leaves (after Crystal has gone — surely the Bible basher wouldn’t approve of such pagan rites). It’s serious business: Julie S. ends up taking the teacup back to her cell so she can really study the leaves. They end up asking Yvonne whether she can get them a candle.

Yvonne: Candle? Well, if you’re that desperate, I can think of something better.

So saucy! But no, the Julies aren’t trying to get their jollies. They have something else in mind.

A change of heart — Jim tells Karen he’s decided to drop the grievance procedure. He pretends to be contrite about all the "stupid things" he’s done lately. He sighs a lot and looks all sad and sincere.

Karen: Well, I have to admit, I’m impressed. Though I can’t say I’m surprised.
Jim: No?
Karen: Simon gave me a ring last night. Said you had a very pleasant game of golf.

You are so busted, Fenner!

Karen gets serious then, and tells him that the next time he steps out of line, she’ll be ready, and it won’t just be a suspension. Aw, yeah. You’re awesomely scary, Karen. You know, as opposed to awfully scary — that would be Shell.

Acting out — Denny is tearing up her cell. Yvonne finds her and intervenes.

Yvonne: Is that for the mattress, or your mum?

Denny briefly raises a hand to Yvonne, but thinks better of it when she sees Yvonne’s steely gaze. Then Yvonne picks up the mattress and encourages Denny to beat the hell out of it. So Denny does, and then she sobs and falls into Yvonne’s arms. It’s sorta hokey, but it’s also sorta great.

Yvonne gives Denny a little lesson in liking herself.

Denny: There ain’t nothin’ to like.
Yvonne: Well, I like you. And there’s no one forcing me, is there?
Denny: No.

Yvonne: Well, there. You must have something goin’ for you, then. ‘Cause I’m very choosy about the people I like.

Awww. I heart Yvonne.

The secret mission — What are those crazy Julies up to? Now Zandra has brought them some scissors. They’re working on "something blue" in the laundry room.

And then Josh is there with an "out of order" sign to keep people out, and Yvonne shows up with the candles. OK, they’re either going to burn the place down, or they’re staging a romantic dinner for Crystal and Josh. I really wish it were the former.

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