“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.04 “Looking for Love”


Bored and dangerous — Out in the yard, Shell flirts with Josh. Crystal sees Shell pretending to read Josh’s palm and jumps to conclusions (entirely reasonable conclusions, when Shell’s involved). Josh sees Crystal scowling at him and walks away from Shell, who is stunned by the rejection.

Yawn. This is the standard stuff of soap operas, I know, but I’ve come to expect Bad Girls to be anything but standard.

All dressed up and ready to go — Di Barker asks Denny whether she’s ready to go to the hospital. Denny’s more than ready, having not been outside in three years. She’s wearing makeup and everything, which I’m not sure I like.

Zan hints that Denny should take the opportunity to escape. Di scolds Zan for putting ideas in Denny’s head and calls Denny a "good girl." After they leave, Zandra mumbles that Di is a "stupid cow."

Crystal: Just ’cause you got an headache don’t mean you can slag everyone off, you know.

What about when she slags everyone off and doesn’t have a headache?

Begging for attention — Shell calls Dominic into her cell: There are cockroaches under the bed. Well, that’s what she tells him, anyway. But as soon as he’s off his guard and peeking under the bed, Shell pushes the cell door partly shut and disrobes.

Shell: Don’t you want me to be your little girl?

I actually just shuddered. Run, Dom, run! I guess we all knew Shell was headed for loony land (or possibly hails from there), but still. That was just disturbing.

Dominic just says, "Jesus, Shell," and leaves. Take me with you, Dom!

The hospital — Denny has some money with her; she wants to buy her mother some flowers. Di scolds her — she’s not supposed to have money at all — but decides to turn a blind eye this time. She even spots Denny a fiver so she can buy some nice roses.

Denny: Thanks. You’re all right, man!

Beauty school — Back at Larkhall, Julie J. is doing Julie S.’s hair. And by "doing," I mean teasing it right into that just-stuck-my-finger-in-the-outlet style.

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