“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.04 “Looking for Love”

Another mum, another letter — Julie J. has a letter from her daughter, Rhiannon. Does she ring like a bell through the night? Better than that: She’s moving back to London, even though Julie J. doesn’t expect her husband to lift the court order that’s preventing Rhiannon from visiting her mum in jail.

Yvonne shows up to chat, but Hollamby interrupts, just to harass them. Yvonne makes a big show of looking past Hollamby at something interesting, causing Hollamby to turn her head to look — and tweak her neck in the process. The two Julies snicker; Yvonne feigns a concerned look. Yvonne, you’re such an instigator! Hey, and I can’t shorten your name very easily. Yv? Vonne? Hot stuff?

Denny saunters by and tells them about her mum. She also says Dominic is going to "fix it" so she can go to the hospital for a visit, but Dom overhears this and denies it. Zan is nearby, wincing again.

Zandra: How come you can fix a day out for her, and you can’t even fix me with a few aspirin?
Dominic: ‘Cause you’re always askin’ for pills for one thing or another.

Yeah, but look how sincerely she’s wincing this time, Dom.

Dom says it’s up to Dr. Nicholson, whom Zan calls an "NHS bloody reject." So Dom pulls her aside — like two feet aside, as if that’s going to do any good around Yvonne’s super-keen ears. Dom says Zandra’s in pain because she still hasn’t gotten clean, but she says there’s no reason to get clean.

Zandra: What do you care?
Dominic: Call me stupid.

And another of those significant moments passes between them. They would have such pretty blue-eyed babies.

Airing his grievances — Fenner tells Karen he’s decided to start a "grievance procedure" against her for her "unprofessional conduct."

Karen: Well, you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you, Jim?

She knows he’s just whining because she’s been giving him the unsavory jobs, like monitoring urine tests. Fenner threatens to tell Simon about "their past," since it might explain her "motives." Karen doesn’t even flinch.

Karen: A man’s gotta do, Jim …

How do you really want to end that, Karen? "Whatever he can to pump up his own ego?" Or maybe "Every vile thing that crosses his puny little mind?"

The phone queue — Denny gives Crystal the letter from Josh. Crystal insists she’s not interested, but she doth protest too much: She goes right to the loo to read the letter in private. And she grins and grins, but I don’t know why. I find Josh about as charming as a hyper, yipping puppy.

Speaking of grinning like a fool, that’s what Denny is doing as Karen tells her she’s been granted temporary release to visit her mother.

Karen: Miss Barker will accompany you. You give her any grief, and I’ll give you a lot more. You understand?

I think you’re confusing deterrence with seduction, Miss Betts. Anyway, Denny’s over the moon either way: She just bounces and smiles, again like a hyper puppy, but this time I do find it cute. So do Karen and Di.

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