“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.04 “Looking for Love”


Meal time — Zandra’s trying to trade prison food for spends, but nobody’s buying. What’s up, Zan? Do you want to buy some diapers (er, nappies) or something else for your baby? I’m sure you’re not looking for something for yourself.

Yvonne shows up. Why do I smile like a fool when she walks into a scene?

Yvonne asks Denny about her mum, who still hasn’t visited. She tries to reassure Denny.

Yvonne: It must be hard for her, Denny. I mean, it must have been a shock coming across you like that after all these years.
Zandra: Wouldn’t like to find out that Denny was my daughter.
Yvonne: Me and Denny are having a private conversation here, love. So if you don’t mind …

Woo! Zandra just sighs and leaves — well, she sits about one table away and pouts. I love the way Yvonne has made her dominance known so quickly; Zan didn’t even think about arguing.

Yvonne says that whatever Jessie’s reasons are for not visiting, they don’t have anything to do with Denny.

Yvonne: You got a lot going for you, girl. And don’t let anyone else tell you anything different.

Yeah, Denny’s definitely a catch, as a daughter or friend or whatever else. I mean, there’s the prison thing, and the psycho friend-with-benefits (Shell) and the semi-literate thing. What a winner! But no, I agree with you, Yvonne. Denny’s a sweetheart, underneath it all.

Hollamby chooses this tender moment to make her grand entrance to laughter and whistles from the inmates. She marches right over to Denny and tells her to get out in the yard and clean up some sort of mess.

Denny: I’m eating.
Hollamby: There’s no breakfast for you until you’ve cleared it up.

This reminds me of the mother in Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit: "There’ll be no breakfast in hell!"

Denny gets cheeky and lights a cigarette, but Hollamby immediately says, "Fag out," so Den gives the cigarette to Zan. (The use of "fag" to mean wood or sticks for burning isn’t actually related to other senses of the word, though the etymology of its use as a slur isn’t exactly great, either.)

As Denny leaves, Zan winces in pain. That’s not really new — isn’t she always wincing? — but the music is ominous, so I think we’re supposed to notice.

The wing office — Jim and Dom (isn’t it great the way everyone’s name can be shortened to three letters or fewer?) discuss the challenges of dealing with Shell.

Jim: You wanna come down heavy on her, son, or she’ll just take you for a ride.

Di, who is nearby, giggles at this. Jim barks at her, and then grouses about the "governor’s little errand," which is some sort of task he thinks he’s above. Di is saved by the bell: The phone rings with a message from St. Martin’s hospital. Denny’s mum is there.

Before Denny can deal with important things like that, she has to listen while Josh sings Crystal’s praises. Out in the yard, he gives her a letter to deliver to Crystal.

Josh: Let’s just say there’s a couple of things I’d like to say to her face, except she’s a bit scary.
Denny: You don’t know how scary, man. Nutter’s the word.

Denny agrees to deliver the letter, but asks for some money in exchange. Once again, she’s smart when it counts.

Dom finds her and explains the situation with her mum: Jessie has been "knocked down by a car," but she’s OK. Denny insists that she be allowed to go see her mum. Dom just sort of stares at her as if he’s forgotten his lines.

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