“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.03 “Visiting Time”


Same as it ever was — Jim goes to Shell's cell and kisses her disgustingly. But then he stops, saying he has to break it off because Shell could blackmail him with that letter he sent her. So she plays right into his hands and gives him the letter. He also finds the letter from Marilyn.

Shell: How'd you know she wrote to me?
Jim: 'Cause I told her what to write.
Shell: I don't understand.
Jim: Oh, I think you do. Do you really think I'd leave my wife for a little slut like you?
Shell: You bastard!

Shell threatens to go straight to Simon, but Jim says he'll never believe her. He puts Shell in a chokehold and tells her to be on her best behavior.

As Jim leaves Shell's cell, Karen passes by, frowning and waiting to pounce. She asks to have a word with him in her office.

Jim: Sure. Don't you wanna check Dockley's still alive first?

So she does check. Karen asks Shell if everything is all right, and Shell says it is. Karen doesn't believe her, and tells Jim so when she gets to her office.

Karen: I know you hit Dockley. And somehow, I dunno how, you got to her.

She tells Jim to consider applying for a transfer.

Karen: I don't want you on my wing. I don't trust you.
Jim: Well, that's a shame. 'Cause I'm staying put.
Karen: In that case, you'd better hang on tight. You're in for a rough ride.

Woohoo! I still prefer the wing governor with the Scottish accent, but this one's OK too.

Coming apart at the seams — Denny finds Shell in her cell and asks her what's wrong. Shell is pulling her hair out and murmuring, "He conned me." Just when you thought she couldn't be more crazy.

The Julies v. Hollamby, round two — Yvonne is helping the Julies polish the stairs. And by "helping," I mean instructing; she wants to make sure the polish is nice and thick. Nikki, Zandra and Crystal look on.

Hollamby walks right into their trap. She climbs up the stairs and promptly trips. Nikki catches her, but then they all crowd around her, feigning concern. It's actually kinda scary — especially after they push Sylvia down the stairs and stare down at her unconscious body without an ounce of sympathy on their faces.

That'll teach you, Bodybag.

NEXT TIME ON BAD GIRLS: Sylvia's alive and grumbling; Denny worries about her mum; Josh continues to flirt with Crystal.

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