“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.03 “Visiting Time”

Various arrivals — Fenner is back. Noooooooooo!

As he saunters in, the inmates queue up for visiting day. Denny shows off her new shirt. It’s a tight, light-blue polo.

Yvonne: Ooh, very nice. Bet your mum’ll like that as well.

Preferably not in the same way I like it.

Josh (the maintenance guy — I have to keep saying this because I assume everyone finds him as forgettable as I do) sees Crystal. She’s just hanging out, reading her Bible. He tries to chat her up.

Josh: I’m Josh, by the way.
Crystal: Well, bye, Josh.

Snicker. But Josh has something else to do, anyway; he has to meet Yvonne’s daughter, Lauren, outside. She gives him some money (presumably for Yvonne’s necklace) and then escorts Julie J.’s kids, Rhiannon and Martin, inside to see their mum.

She is thrilled to see them, but they are uncertain at best. They just sort of stare at her as she tells them how gorgeous they are. Martin is a Pugsley-esque little kid, while Rhiannon sort of resembles Rachel Hicks. Martin finally speaks up a little; he asks about life in prison and whether there are rats. Julie J. says it’s not as bad as it seems.

Meanwhile, Denny’s mother has yet to make an appearance. Hollamby tries to move Denny over to the wall of people who have no visitors, but Denny refuses.

Denny: I said sod off!

Di Barker shows up and talks Denny down. Di clearly likes to take a kinder, gentler approach and isn’t fond of Hollamby. Denny lets Di escort her back to her cell.

Simon’s office — Jim, Simon and Karen meet to discuss Jim’s fate. Jim and Simon are all chummy, while Karen is skeptical. She tells Jim not to put himself in a position where he’ll be made a fool of again, and suggests that he be moved to another wing. Jim thinks that would amount to an admission that something went wrong, which is code for "I need to be near Shell because that’s the only reason I’m here." Simon takes Jim’s side again and lets him stay on G-Wing.

As they leave, Jim congratulates Karen on her promotion in that smarmy, fake way he has. Karen just scoffs and walks on by.

Mummy dearest — Martin and Rhiannon want to know whether their mother is really a prostitute. Julie J. can’t lie, so she starts to make excuses.

Julie J.: If your dad had looked after us properly in the first place …

Martin and Rhiannon just look away. Julie J. insists she’s not a bad mother, and her kids ultimately agree. Nearby, Hollamby wonders what’s going on; she knows Julie J. is banned from seeing her kids. She marches right over and demands an explanation.

Yvonne: Leave ‘em alone, ya fat cow.
Julie J.: Please let them stay till the end, Mrs. Hollamby.

But Hollamby obeys the letter of the law and escorts the kids out — more like tears them away from their mother. Everyone starts shouting. It seems like a lot of scenes end that way, doesn’t it?

The return — Fenner chooses his first victim.

Fenner: Hello, Nikki.

Nikki: How the hell did you wangle your way back in?
Fenner: Did you miss me?
Nikki: Oh, I get it. There’s been a cover-up. I might have known.
Fenner: Shut it, Wade. You’re not teacher’s pet anymore, now your little Miss Stewart’s gone. So you’d better keep that [touching her nose] nice and clean.

Nikki just walks away, probably in an effort to keep herself from clawing his eyes out.

Dominic confronts Sylvia about the Julie J. thing. Sylvia expects Dominic to behave himself now that Jim is back, "totally vindicated." Nearby, Fenner watches and smirks. But he looks a little scared when Shell sidles up and reminds him that she’s the one who got him his job back. He says nobody believed her anyway.

Shell: You do love me, don’t you, Jim?

Ugh. Where’s Julie J. with that bucket and mop? I’m going to hurl any second now. Fenner reassures Shell and tells her they just have to be careful. All I want to know is why he’s able to return so soon while Helen is still out there somewhere, pining for Nikki?

That’s what all the inmates are wondering too, as they watch and glare from afar.

They also talk about how evil Hollamby is.

Nikki: Yeah, now that Fenner’s back, they’re untouchable, the lot of them.
Yvonne: Oh, I dunno about that. There are ways and means to get back at ‘em.

If you’re the will, Yvonne, there’s a way!

Julie J. goes into her cell and sobs about her lost children. I want to feel sorry for her, but that is some really inauthentic crying. It almost seems like Julie S. is about to crack up.

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