“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.03 “Visiting Time”

Speedy delivery — Hollamby tucks the letter from Jim behind the mirror in Shell’s cell. Uh, maybe it would be smarter to actually put it in her hand, Syl?

Meanwhile, Julie S. slips the visiting order (for Lauren) through the peephole of Julie J.’s cell. Julie J. is confused at first, but then excited about the prospect of seeing her kids.

The wing office — Dominic and Hollamby discuss Fenner’s plight. Hollamby insists that there’s no hope for Jim as long as Karen’s in charge.

Dominic: Why don’t you stop bitchin’? That’s all you bloody do.

Whoa! You’ve actually made Dominic use a bad word, Sylvia! That’s how you know you’ve hit rock bottom. That boy is far too nice to do such a thing casually.

And Dom doesn’t stop there: He gives a little speech about how "bent officers" ruin the Prison Service. Hollamby starts to answer back, but he gives her a look that makes her shut up. Di Barker, who has been caught in the crossfire, asks if anyone wants a cuppa. Come on, don’t interrupt — I want to see a Dominic-Sylvia smackdown! My money’s on the biker boy.

Two kinds of mothers — Julie J. is escorted to her adjudication. Denny and Shell provide the color commentary; Denny thinks it’s terrible, while Shell thinks Julie J. "ain’t right in the head."

Julie S.: She ain’t seen her kids for over a year. That sorta thing wouldn’t bother you, ’cause you’re weird.

It’s hard to explain why, but coming from Julie S., that sounds like the biggest insult in the world. Shell says she doesn’t see her kids because she doesn’t want them to see her in prison, and at least there’s no court order against her like there is against Julie J.

Julie S.: I’ll swing for you one of these days. I swear.

I love that "I’ll swing for you" expression. It’s sort of the opposite of "I’ll tumble 4 ya."

Denny and Shell go to Shell’s cell, where Denny finds the letter.

Shell: It’s from Jim!
Denny: Bleedin’ hell.

It’s a very gushy love letter. Denny scowls while Shell reads it.

Denny: He wants you to get him his job back. It’s obvious.
Shell: He wants me back. That’s what’s bleedin’ obvious.
Denny: So he can slap you about again?

Right. On. Denny. Shell should be thrilled she has you in her corner, but of course she can’t even see that she does.

Shell: He misses me. And I miss him. We belong together.

Yep. Just like slime and, uh … more slime.

High fashion — Julie J. has survived her adjudication. She thanks Yvonne for making it possible for her kids to visit. Julie S. asks her what she’s going to wear for the visit, prompting Julie J. to retrieve a frightening, lime-green, frilly shirt from her cell.

Yvonne shakes with silent laughter while Julie S. tries to find a tactful way to give her opinion. I do love these moments of comic relief!

Shell’s story — In Simon’s office, Shell claims that everything she said about Jim was a lie. She says she made a pass at him, and he rejected her, so she attacked him. Karen, who is looking very foxy in her suit, doesn’t buy a word of it.

Karen: What made you decide to come in here and tell the "truth"?

Shell claims Karen put the whole idea in her head in the first place by asking her whether an officer had hurt her. Karen, you’re going to sprain your eyes if you keep rolling them so vehemently.

Karen: I didn’t tell you to lie!

Simon asks Dominic (who has been standing by, looking confused) to escort Shell back to her cell. Karen looks like she’d like to go along and give Shell a choice word or two.

After Shell leaves, Karen tells Simon that Jim must have "got to" Shell somehow. Simon, as usual, is on Jim’s side.

Simon: She wouldn’t be the first prisoner to launch a vendetta against an officer.

He suggests that maybe Karen unintentionally coerced Shell. Simon, you are the definition of smug and priggish. You’re a fop, a stuffed shirt and a bore. Not to mention a sexist, dyspeptic jerk.

Karen knows this and asks for a full internal inquiry, but Simon says that’s costly and pointless. All Karen can do is sigh and shake her head. Doesn’t Karen seem like the sort of person who would go to the shooting range or a strip club after work to blow off a little steam? Wait: Do they even have gun ranges in the U.K.? I suspect they’re more evolved. But if they had them, Karen would totally be on board.

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