“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.03 “Visiting Time”

The Fenner fiasco — Jim has just spoken with Simon. It seems the powers that be are siding with Shell.

Jim: Why isn’t the little bitch playing ball? She must have got that letter by now.
Marilyn: [sarcastically] Oh, dear. Maybe she’s not as in love with you as you think she is.

Jim says Marilyn will just have to write another letter.

Jim: There’s no way I’m going under for that little bitch.

That is not the right nickname for Shell, Jim. Well, the B word makes sense, but not the "little." Shell is definitely larger than life. I think I’d go with a nickname like Enormous Shrewy Scary Beastie.

The doorbell rings. It’s Sylvia. Now there’s a little bitch. Or a Miniature Shrewy Scary Beastie.

Taking stock — Shell and Denny are sitting on the steps, reflecting and reminiscing.

Shell: I always knew me and Jim was special.
Denny: Is that why he beat the s— out of you?

See? Den = smart. She tells Shell to find herself a new screw. She sort of spits that, as if she’s also telling Shell to find herself a new co-conspirator. Or so I hope.

Giving up — Through the cell door, Julie S. tells Julie J. she misses her. But Julie J. is too mopey and cranky to care. Yvonne wanders by, so Julie S. tells her things are looking dire, and all because Julie J. can’t see her kids — who are now only a bus ride away.

Yvonne: It’s a crime. I tell ya, if someone stopped me seeing my kids …

I think the end of that sentence probably involves dismemberment. By the way, Yvonne: nice jacket. Again.

Conspiring — Over tea, Sylvia tell the Fenners that if it were up to her, all the other prison officers would be on strike in support of Jim. And she shares the news about the transfer of the G-Wing governorship. Jim just sighs.

Another kind of conspiring — Yvonne calls her husband, Charlie. She asks whether he’s going to Eddie the Drill’s funeral.

Yvonne: There’s a really big favor I want you to do for me.

I should make a CD of that line and put it in my alarm clock. Only it would probably send me right into a dream.

Still plotting — Fenner calls Karen a "sly bitch" for taking the governor job. You need a new vocabulary, Jim. It seems to be woefully limited.

Sylvia says she just wishes she could help in some way, so Fenner gives her a job: Take a letter in to Shell. Sylvia actually resists, calling it "highly irregular," but then she relents.

Fenner: [evilly] Can you imagine what Betts would do if she saw me walk back on that wing? Huh?
Hollamby: [cackle cackle muahahahaha]

Marilyn just shakes her head. I’d be throwing salt over my shoulder if I were you, Marilyn. There are some demons in the room.

Fixing it — Yvonne tells Julie S. that she’s "fixed it" so that Julie J. will be able to see her kids on the next visiting day. Nikki (where have you been?!) comes down the stairs just in time to hear the news.

Yvonne: Oy, don’t go broadcasting it. My Lauren’s taking a risk here.

That’s right: Yvonne’s daughter, Lauren, is going to bring the kids in. Nikki thinks this is a bad idea. I take it you haven’t seen Lauren, Nikki? She’s pretty hot.

I’ve just noticed that Yvonne seems to have a cold. It’s kind of a good thing; it lends a little husk to her voice. Anyway, the plan is that Lauren will go to Eddie the Drill’s funeral and ask Julie J.’s kids if they want to go see their mum. Yvonne concedes that if they don’t really want to see her, there’s nothing she can do.

Yvonne: Listen, I’m trying to do your pal a favor here. You wanna forget it, you just say the word.

Yvonne and Nikki stare each other down for a moment. But they also seem to respect each other at this point, so nothing happens. Even though Yvonne’s wearing a weird shirt with a wolf on it.

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