“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.03 “Visiting Time”


Unfair — As the inmates sit down to eat, Julie J. grumbles that she just wants to see her kids for half an hour.

Shell: Tell me about it. I wanted to go and have me bellybutton pierced. They wouldn’t have it.
Julie S.: Shut yer face, you heartless bitch!

Julie S. is wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt as she says this. You gotta love the Julies.

Things get a little nasty; Shell ends up waggling a plastic knife in Julie S.’s face, threatening to cut her nose off. Yvonne sits down next to Shell and dares her to try it.

Julie S.: No one’s scared o’ you no more, Dockley. Not now loverboy’s gone. You’re just one of us now.

This seems to truly terrify Shell. One of us! One of us!

The broken Fenner home — Jim is making his wife write a letter to Shell. It’s bad enough she has to hang around with you in your sweatpants; now she has to do your dirty work, too? I don’t even know what the point is. As usual. But I will say that Marilyn appears to have very nice penmanship.

Making arrangements — Denny asks Josh to smuggle Yvonne’s necklace in. Well, not "asks," exactly; there will be money in it for him again. But he’s more interested in love than money: He perks up as Crystal walks by. So does Denny, because Crystal is carrying a giant bag of tea bags — and I do mean giant. How much tea can they really drink?! Are they planning to dump it in a harbor instead?

Denny: Yo, Crystal. Give us some of them tea bags.
Crystal: Why? So you can sell ‘em on to buy drugs with?
Denny: No, so I can make a cup o’ tea. Bitch.

Heh. Crystal refuses and continues on her merry way.

Josh: Who’s she?
Denny: Ah, forget it, man. She’s in love with Jesus.

The Julies v. Hollamby, round one — The Julies are mopping the floor rather half-heartedly. Sylvia strolls by and tells them to hurry up or she’ll put them on report. As she leaves, she slips in a banana-peel sort of way (you can almost hear the cartoon noises), which elicits giggles from the various bystanders.

Julie J.: Serves you bloody right.
Hollamby: What did you say, madam?
Julie S.: She didn’t say nothing, Miss.
Julie J.: I said it serves you bloody right. [shouting] You dried-up old bag!

Julie J. kicks the soap bucket at Hollamby. Julie S. is just shocked; so is Hollamby, but not too shocked to grab Julie J. and shove her into her cell to wait for her adjudication. Julie J. bursts into tears. Aw.

That was sort of weird; I mean, I get that Julie J. is missing her kids, but she doesn’t seem to have a violent bone in her body. On the other hand, I’m sure Hollamby can really bring that out in people.

Denny shows up and asks Shell what happened. Shell gives her the abbreviated version, but would rather (surprise, surprise) talk about herself.

Shell: I got a little something in the post this morning. Guess who from?
Denny: [shrugging] I don’t know.

I love the way Denny’s so literal and sincere, even though she’s constantly surrounded by taunts and sarcasm.

Shell: Mother-friggin’ guess!
Denny: I can’t.

This is making me giggle.

Shell: I’ll give you a clue. "Dear Miss Dockley, I’m writing because I want you to know the true extent of the pain and misery you have caused me. "
Denny: Millions of people coulda wrote that, Shell.

Heh. Shell finally reveals that the letter is from Mrs. Fenner, and happily reads the part that says Fenner is in love with Shell now. She actually believes that, and she’s actually excited about it. Denny, of course, is skeptical and gives Shell an aren’t-you-pathetic look. This is what Shell doesn’t realize about Denny: She’s smart when it comes to things that matter.

Denny points out that it doesn’t matter whether Fenner loves Shell or not, now that he’s not even working at Larkhall. The music swells as Shell confronts this harsh truth. Wow, there’s a lot of false drama in this episode, isn’t there? This is what happens when the Helen-Nikki story line takes a vacation.

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