“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.03 “Visiting Time”

The Fenner residence — Fenner is sleeping on the couch. His son asks why, but Mrs. Fenner shoos him away.

Marilyn: I thought I told you not to bother coming home.
Jim: Where am I meant to go? I haven’t even got a job anymore.

Did I say I was grinning earlier? Now I’m almost cracking my face open. For me, watching Fenner is the height of schadenfreude. And I like the way you’re scowling at him, Marilyn, as he tries to explain that Shell threw herself at him.

Jim: Most men wouldn’t last a week inside Larkhall.
Marilyn: Don’t play the bloody victim.

No, do! Do play the bloody victim. Like, an actual one.

Fenner tries to plead his case more sincerely, saying they can’t just chuck away 12 years of marriage because of "one stupid mistake." More like one stupid misogynist of a husband.

Stubberfield’s office — Back at Larkhall, Simon is meeting with Karen Betts. He tells her about Helen’s resignation and Jim’s "predicament."

Simon: I want you to take over.
Karen: Me? Wing governor?

Oh, don’t be coy, Karen. You have a very commanding presence, and you know it. But I sort of like you in that uniform, so I’m not sure I want you to get the promotion just yet.

Karen: Well, I hope I can do it. From the little I’ve seen, it’s a bit of a hornet’s nest.

The British capacity for understatement never ceases to amaze me!

Simon: Perhaps now that certain personalities have gone, things should quieten down a little on the wing.
Karen: You mean Jim.
Simon: Well, actually, I was referring to Helen Stewart.

Gasp! Take that back!

Karen asks why Helen resigned. Simon condescendingly (in other words, in his usual tone) refers to "man management problems."

Simon: She never really got the support she needed from those below her. But I know you won’t have that problem.
Karen: I’ll expect the support of those above me, too.

Heh. Karen’s not easy to fool, Simon. You fool.

Room service — The Julies stop by Yvonne’s cell to tidy up. I wonder how much she’s paying them for this little cleaning service? She wouldn’t have to pay me much. Or anything, really.

Yvonne’s been reading the newspaper; there’s an item about a gangster called "Eddie the Drill." It turns out he’s Julie Johnston’s ex-husband’s dad. Um. Something like that. Anyway, he’s dead, whoever he is.

Denny drops by, curious as always:

Denny: Why was he called Eddie the Drill?
Yvonne: Because he was a big DIY enthusiast. Why do you think?

It sounds kind of mean, but Yvonne’s smiling and giggling while she says it, which of course makes Denny grin too. The best part of it is the way Yvonne says "enfusiast."

Julie S. points out that Julie J.’s kids will probably come over from America in order to go to their grandfather’s funeral. Julie J. doubts their dad will let them visit her in prison, which shocks Yvonne.

Yvonne: No decent father is gonna stop these kids from seeing their mum.
Julie J.: Yeah, well, he’s got a court order against me.
Yvonne: What a horrible sod.

Julie J. says she doesn’t even know what her kids look like anymore. Yvonne seems to be taking this all to heart. I love the way you can see the wheels start to spin in her conniving little head. Why do I find that so sexy?

By the way, it seems Julie J.’s real surname isn’t Johnston at all: It’s Dawson.

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