“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.8 “Falling Apart”

The two Julies’ cell — Shell, Denny, the Julies, Crystal and a couple of random inmates are drinking the foul "wine."

Shell: That is dis-bleeding-sgusting.

Heh. But I’m not laughing at the sight of Shell and Denny, all cuddled up. It’s just weird.

The Julies tell them all to hold their noses as they swallow. So they all raise their cups again, and it goes down much more smoothly. Shell sings a song in honor of Spencer: "I Will Always Love You." Um. Huh? In her cell, Nikki rolls her eyes.

Monica and Helen are back from the funeral. They march slowly and silently up the stairs — clearly the wake isn’t really for Monica or for Spencer.

Hollamby and Dominic hear the laughter coming from the Julies’ cell and wonder what sort of wake is so hilarious. They decide to investigate. Luckily, Denny hears them coming, so everyone dumps their hooch and pretends to be praying. Denny hiccups, which makes Hollamby suspicious, but all she can do is scowl.

Wow. I guess sometimes faces really do get stuck!

A rough day — Helen reminds Monica that she still has her appeal to look forward to. Monica figures she might as well stay in Larkhall and rot.

As the "wake" ends and the prison goes to bed for the night, Helen passes Nikki’s cell. She hears Nikki calling out for Monica, so she stops. She and Nikki speak softly to each other through the cell door.

Helen: Nikki, I think she needs some time on her own.
Nikki: What, in here? She’ll be lucky.
Helen: I think I do as well.
Nikki: You’ve got Sean to go home to.
Helen: Yeah. Good night, Nikki.
Nikki: Night, Helen.

As usual, their faces say a lot more than their words do.

After a moment more, Helen turns away and leaves. On her way out, she passes Hollamby.

Helen: Night, Sylvia.
Hollamby: Night, ma’am.
Helen: Helen.

Hollamby doesn’t hear her. I think Nikki’s the only one who’s listening to you now, Helen.

Monica’s cell — Monica holds a picture of Spencer and sings a lullaby. Night falls hard at Larkhall.

NEXT TIME ON BAD GIRLS: Helen feels more and more confused; the inmates clash over drugs and God.

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