“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.8 “Falling Apart”


The funeral — As they get in the car to go to the funeral, Helen apologizes to Monica. She takes out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs herself to Monica. Sigh.

At the funeral, Monica’s sister asks whether the cuffs are really necessary. Helen just looks sad as she walks with Monica behind the casket. Once the service begins, Helen quietly removes the cuffs. She meets Monica’s eyes and gives her the slightest of smiles.

The casket is lowered into the ground. As everyone files past it, Monica wails and throws herself onto it. Helen waits and cries.

Shell the tattletale — Shell asks Fenner whether some "information" might help her get back to G-3. Fenner says it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Shell: Nikki Wade is making alcohol. And I know where she’s got it stashed.

She saunters out. Shell, you just really, really suck. Next thing you know, Fenner and Nikki are facing off outside the potting shed.

Fenner: Right, Nikki. There’s two ways we can do this. Either you tell me where it is, or I pull the place apart.
Nikki: Do I know what you’re talking about?
Fenner: There’s nothing I don’t get to hear about. You should know that by now.
Nikki: Sorry. Still not with you.
Fenner: A little bird told me you’d gone into the brewing business. I said to meself, nah, Nikki wouldn’t be so stupid, not now she’s got herself on Enhanced.
Nikki: And what little bird would that be, eh? Dockley?

Fenner refuses to answer that question, of course, and just proceeds to tear up the potting shed. Nikki just smokes a cigarette and smiles at the compost heap, where the wine is bubbling under a tarp.

Moments later, Fenner has found nothing and is just irritated. Nikki says she’s "much obliged" and warns Fenner that his little bird is "taking the piss." There’s yet another British expression that doesn’t quite translate: It means "pulling your leg," essentially. Think of it as "deflating one’s ego." Make of that what you will.

Fenner finds Shell and gets all red-faced as he shouts at her for making a fool of him. Eek. That is not a pretty sight.

He tells Shell she’s never going back on Enhanced. Even I know you should never say "never" to Shell.

Reaping what they’ve sown — Nikki ties the watering can to a rope the Julies have thrown down from their window. Julie J. pulls it up, but it won’t fit through the bars. Julie S. gets the bright idea to tip the watering can and pour the stuff through the bars into cups.

Julie S.: What’s it look like?
Julie J.: Like s—.
Julie S.: What’s it taste like?
Julie J.: [swilling, then grimacing] Fantastic!

Still another meal queue — Nikki tells the Julies about her visit from Fenner and that she’s sure it’s all thanks to Shell. The Julies say Shell wouldn’t do that; after all, she provided the yeast. Shell overhears and denies everything.

Nikki: You’re losing your grip, Dockley.
Shell: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Nikki: You wanna get your facts straight next time.

Nikki just stares her down. Shell looks away nervously.

Nikki tells the Julies she’s not planning to go to the wake. They protest, but she’s in no mood.

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