“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.8 “Falling Apart”

Seeking comfort — Where does Helen go when something shakes her up? That’s right: Nikki’s cell. Nikki is sitting on the bed; Helen doesn’t say a word. Nikki looks up and begins to speak as if she’s been waiting for Helen and wouldn’t expect her to be anywhere else right now.

Nikki: They’d never been apart. Not once in 30 years.
Helen: I know. I know, I know everything that you’re gonna say. And I agree. You’re gonna tell me that Spencer was serving a sentence too; now he’s dead because of it. I know that. I do know.
Nikki: How can you do it? How can you go home at night knowing that that woman is banged up in a little brick box miles from her son’s body? I mean, what the s— kind of torture do you think she’s going through?
Helen: I know what she’s going through. That’s why I’ve come to see you: to ask you to be a good friend to her, because she needs one just now. All right?
Nikki: [sharply] You amaze me.
Helen: I didn’t come here for a debate.

What did you come here for, Helen? Hmm? Helen tries to make a graceful exit, but Nikki screams after her as she leaves: "You’re full of s—. You’re like all the others. You pretend you’re not, but you are."

Helen walks on steadily as if she’s determined not to let it get to her, but I think it kinda does.

By the way, did Nikki’s accent change about four times during that little exchange, or was it my imagination?

Monica’s cell — Monica wakes up. She doesn’t look even a little bit rested. She picks up the jumper she was knitting for Spencer and sobs into it.

Helen’s flat — Sean and Helen are sitting at opposite ends of the couch, and Helen looks like she wants to get as far away from him as she can. Sean is speculating about how his parents will react to the news of his impending nuptials. It seems they’d planned to visit Sean’s parents on Saturday, but Helen can’t make it. She has to escort Monica to her son’s funeral.

Sean: Well, can’t someone else go?
Helen: I want to go. It’s someone that I let down really badly.
Sean: But you don’t mind letting me down.

Oh, my God. Could you be more selfish?

Helen: Look, just say that I’m useless and badly organized and that I’ve got s— for brains.

And perfection for a face, but that’s another story.

Yet another meal queue — The two Julies are sad for Monica. Shell tells a story about a dog that died. It seems sincere and touching at first, but then she says, "I never should have stuck a firework up its ass." Ugh.

Monica’s cell — Nikki tries to comfort Monica, who’s just clinging to that jumper. Nikki encourages her to cry, but Monica is just too numb. Julie J. stops by and tells Monica they’ve decided to have a wake tomorrow. They’ll crack open the "Chateau Larkhall" in honor of Spencer.

Julie J.: We all love you, Monica. And we want you to know that we care.

I’m not even sure Monica’s registering any of it. Nikki follows Julie J. out.

Making a deal with the devil — The two Julies ask Fenner whether they can have a wake in their cell — just a few girls with tea and biscuits. They’re sweet and eager, so he agrees.

Fenner: But Julies, no funny business. Or there’ll be consequences.

I can’t imagine a worse consequence than having to see his face every day.

An apology — Nikki’s on her way back to Monica’s cell. She’s taking her some flowers she picked from the garden. But there’s a little roadblock on the way: Helen.

Helen: How is she?
Nikki: Still not speaking. [pause] I’m sorry about the other day, the way I spoke to you.
Helen: [nods and sighs]
Nikki: I’m taking her some flowers.
Helen: That’s nice.
Nikki: Well, if I’m allowed to.
Helen: What do you mean?
Nikki: Flowers. Usually they’re banned from cells, aren’t they?
Helen: [scolding] Nikki.

The way Helen says "Nikki" is quite telling; she’s somehow both exasperated and indulgent. Careful, Helen — this is getting tricky.

As if she weren’t a mere three feet away, Hollamby stops Nikki and asks her where she’s going with those flowers.

Nikki: I’ve got permission. From the governor. [getting in Hollamby's face] So you know what you can do, don’t you?

I guess she does, because she doesn’t say a word.

Still spreading the news — Denny tells Shell they’re "opening the hooch tonight" after the funeral. Denny, must you? Shell just says, "That’s nice," but she has a suspicious look on her face.

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