“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Playing With Fire”


Shell’s adjudication — Yeah, Shell’s definitely in trouble. She’s lost her job in the kitchen, won’t get as many "personal spends" (money to buy snacks and other items with) and will be moved back to Basic.

And move she does: She packs up her things in big HMP Larkhall plastic bags and makes her way down the stairs. The G-3 inmates gather around to watch her go.

Nikki: Off on your holidays, Shell? Send us a postcard, won’t you?

Crystal greets Shell as she arrives at her new abode. And by "greets," I mean "goads."

Crystal: That’s what you get for being a lying bitch, Dockley. [to the screws] Shoulda put her in solitary and chained her to the wall.

I can’t believe how much you’re smiling as you say that, Crystal!

Losing faith — Back up on G-3, Helen is telling Monica she qualifies for a "home visit"; she may get to spend a whole day with Spencer. Monica thanks Helen for making such a difference at Larkhall.

Monica: We’ve all got faith in you. [calling across the way] Haven’t we, Nikki? Haven’t we all got faith in Helen?
Nikki: Oh, yeah. Loads of faith.

Ouch. Helen registers Nikki’s sarcastic tone and takes her leave. Monica just looks confused. Maybe you’re not as smart as I thought, Monica. How can you not have noticed the sparks flying between these two? It’s like not noticing that Shell is an irredeemable sociopath. Or not noticing that Fenner’s repulsive.

Speaking of sociopaths — Denny visits Shell in her new cell. Shell is sitting on the bunk, holding her dead bird in her hands. Denny asks what happened.

Shell: What do you think? His heart broke.

Yeah. Either that, or his neck broke when you snapped it. Denny’s suspicious, but Shell says the bird just keeled over. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do without him. I think the bird, on the other hand, is probably in a much better place.

Denny suggests that Shell grass on Lorna, but Shell says she needs hard evidence. She tells Den not to worry, but then she sobs. After Denny leaves, she coldly flushes the dead bird down the toilet.

Night calls — Shell and Denny yell back and forth about Charlie, the dead bird. Monica and Nikki talk about getting out.

Nikki: Another day gone, Monica. How many you got left?
Monica: Not many, I hope. What about you?
Nikki: Roughly 3,655.

Don’t worry, Nikki. At least a few of them will be spent in the company of the lovely Miss Stewart.

NEXT TIME ON BAD GIRLS: The two Julies study biology; Nikki and Helen argue.

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