“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.7 “Playing With Fire”


Doing his job too well — Fenner wants to know why Dominic decided to search Shell’s cell. He says Dom should have talked to him first. But Dom knows he did just what he should have done.

Fenner: Yeah, well. It’s hardly a major drugs haul, is it?
Dominic: Shell’s got too much power. She should be put on Basic where we can keep an eye on her.

Right on. Not only does she have too much power, but she also has too much screen time.

Fenner says Dominic is naive. Dominic accuses Fenner of having a blind spot where Shell’s concerned. Yeah, a blind spot and an erogenous zone. I’ve just squicked myself.

Fenner gives a little speech about how useful Shell is to him in keeping the women quiet. He worries that Dom has turned Shell against him. Right on cue, Lorna arrives to tell Jim that Shell wants to see him.

Jim trundles up the stairs to Shell’s cell. Is there a fitness requirement for prison guards? ‘Cause Fenner doesn’t really seem fit to climb all those stairs. Oh, I guess I was wrong: He’s fit enough to slam Shell against the wall when he gets to her cell.

Fenner: Don’t you ever summon me again.

Yeah, Shell. Put that genie back in the bottle. It’s only going to curse you.

Shell tells Jim the drugs are Lorna’s. He nearly breaks her hands as he tells her how much he’s done to defend her and how close she is to being transferred. See, now he’s sweating and red-faced. He really needs to get in shape if he wants to be this kind of thug. He throws Shell to the floor. She’s scared and crying.

Great. Now I actually feel sorry for you, Shell. Fenner is the lowest of the low, and even you don’t deserve that kind of bullying.

Back in the wing office, Jim says he’s just "thrown the bloody book at Dockley." Lorna prods him for more info: Does Shell still blame Nikki? Jim says Shell doesn’t blame anyone. Lorna, wipe that slight smile off your face. I’m sure Jim will hold on to Shell’s accusations until he needs them. At least until the next time you refuse to give him sweeties when he asks. Ack, I’m nauseated again! Everything I say in reference to Jim just sounds dirty.

A dinner of hope — Monica has just seen her solicitor. It seems there’s a good chance she might soon be reunited with Spencer.

Crystal: You’re lucky you’re a white woman, girl. You only got five years, and now you’re gonna walk.
Nikki: Oh, don’t be daft, Crystal.
Crystal: If she had been black, she’d have got life, and no appeal allowed. That’s a fact.
Monica: Don’t worry, Crystal. I know I’m one of the lucky ones.
Crystal: I’ll say a prayer for you. Only He can save you. Him, and a good barrister.

I think I like you, Crystal. You’re funny, and you hated Shell from the moment you met her, so clearly you’re a good judge of character.

Elsewhere, Zandra and Denny discuss Shell’s situation.

Zandra: When’s Shell’s adjudication?
Denny: Tomorrow.
Zandra: Is she gonna grass Lorna Rose up?
Denny: Dunno. I friggin’ would.
Zandra: I hope she gets put on Basic. She stitched me right up.

You’re wasting your breath, Zandra. For reasons I have yet to discern, Denny is utterly loyal to Shell.

More treachery — Lorna visits Shell. She thinks Shell didn’t say anything to Jim, and Shell (of course) plays along with this. She makes Lorna think she likes her and can count on her. I’m officially giving up hope for you, Lorna. You’ve gone beyond clueless and right into pathetic.

Helen’s flat — Helen has just been for a run, I think. She’s been working out in some way, anyway. Did you have to cover yourself with that sweatshirt, Hel?

She flops onto the couch, sighing heavily. Sean gets home and is surprised to see her looking all sweaty since they have dinner plans.

Helen: Do you mind if we leave it for another time? I really don’t feel like eating.

Sean tries to insist, but Helen isn’t budging. Sean says she doesn’t seem herself.

Helen: I’m fine.
Sean: You’re not regretting already, are you? About getting married?
Helen: Oh, don’t be stupid.

She doesn’t say it in a way that means "Don’t be stupid; you know I love you." It’s more like "Don’t be stupid; I’m not even thinking about you at all."

Helen says she only wants to put off dinner and wants to marry him as soon as possible. As if she’s trying to make sure that’s really what she wants, she gives him a big kiss and gazes into his eyes. She just looks worried.

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